Are you in the city and wondering where and how to get tested for COVID-19? Covid-19 PCR tests are available in Istanbul at a variety of medical facilities, including public and private hospitals, clinics, labs, and diagnostic services, as well as the airports you will depart in. You can also discover information about Covid PCR test in Istanbul through this post.

If you need an obligatory request for a Covid-19 PCR test some hours before your departure, you may schedule a PCR test in private clinics or labs, or at your hotel/home through private laboratories authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health. This may be the greatest choice since it saves time and money and does not need you to change your schedule. 

Pcr Test At Istanbul Hospitals

The Turkish public healthcare system pays the expenses of Covid-19 diagnostic tests in Istanbul for Turkish residents and foreigners who live in Turkey and are part of the health system. The majority of public hospitals in Istanbul do PCR tests, but you must be sick or have had direct contact with someone infected with the virus. You’ll also have to deal with a potential crowd of locals, as well as at least 1-2 hours of waiting in line. The fee is 250 TL (about €25), payable in cash, and you will get your results within 24 hours. The result is not in English. As a consequence, we do not suggest a Covid-19 PCR test at public hospitals in Istanbul for visitors, travelers, or those seeking a fast result. Having a PCR test in Istanbul hospitals can be tricky, confusing and risky for newcomers. 

You may have your Covid-19 PCR test at one of the city’s numerous private hospitals. The vast majority of them provide five star service. You must schedule an appointment and take your PCR test as soon as possible and with a high level of service. They will provide you with the results of your PCR test within 24 hours. They also send the test report to your email address as well. The pricing can be higher than the public hospitals, yet you will not see any significant difference, and it may be worth it to pay the extra cash in order to be safer. 

Pcr Test In Istanbul Airports

The New Istanbul Airport Covid-19 PCR test facility is located on the Arrivals floor, next to departure gate number 14. You may simply locate the airport clinics, wait in line, and get your PCR test performed. It takes at least 2 hours to get your results, so you may have to spend some time at the airport. Foreign travelers may have their findings printed at the location’s information desk. The cost of the test is again, around 250 TL.   More information is available on the Istanbul Airport website. This option is better for anyone arriving in Istanbul yet. 

Another airport PCR test in Istanbul you can get is Sabiha Gokcen Airport’s Covid-19 PCR test. The facility is located on the Arrivals International Landside. You can visit the clinic, wait in line, and get your PCR test performed. The results will arrive around 2 hours later.

Pcr Test In Private Clinics

Having a PCR Test in Istanbul may be confusing, but this is probably the best choice for everyone.  In the city center such as Taksim district, you’ll discover several excellent labs and diagnostic agencies that provide quick Covid-19 PCR test services, as well as many other check-up programs and blood tests. We suggest private clinics since labs are only used for diagnosis and you won’t have to deal with crowds on a regular basis. You may simply visit the laboratories, administer your test, and get your results online or on paper.  Private labs in Istanbul are accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health. The cost is around 250 TL and the results are usually available within 24 hours. You can demand your test result in English or Turkish, however you want it. 

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