The Turkish health insurance systems cover eye treatment. International visitors are obliged to bring a specific kind of health insurance, and as long as they visit a hospital, their eye issues may be covered by the insurance. While private health insurance has contracts with particular private hospitals that may not cover all aspects of treatment for the eyes, General Health Insurance in Turkey provides free treatments to people who visit state hospitals. Going to a private eye clinic is a budget-friendly course of action for receiving eye treatment because of the fact that insurance does not apply to these facilities and consumers are required to pay hefty prices even for routine examinations. Nonetheless, these private clinics of qualified ophthalmologists offer very good care for the treatment, and they generally have the newest technology in their clinics. While the prices of these clinics may be expensive, the global exchange rate affects the condition of the Turkish Lira in a way that international visitors may have affordable treatments in these clinics as well.


  • Qualified ophthalmologists (eye doctors) that offer treatments in dental hospitals and clinics.
  • Affordable prices for eye treatments.
  • State hospitals that offer free-of-charge treatments for those who benefit from General Health Insurance.
  • Private insurances that cover some parts of eye treatment in private hospitals.
  • Private eye clinics that offer treatment from expert doctors with newer technology.

Turkey is a good place for the health of your eyes!

Visiting Turkey is one of the best things you can do for yourself. While traveling the country is a good option to spend time, you can also have your eyes checked while you are here, or you may be sure that you will be in good hands in case of a problem in your eyes. Turkey offers eye health treatment in three kinds of health centers; state hospitals that include university hospitals, private hospitals that include eye doctors or are directly dedicated to eye health, and private eye doctors that have their own clinics. The treatments that are offered in hospitals are covered by insurance at least to some extent, making the country a good place for eye procedures

You can have free-of-charge treatment in state hospitals while benefiting from your General Health Insurance or have affordable treatment in a private hospital whose expenses are covered to some extent by private insurance. In addition to the expert doctors who offer help in hospitals, you can also see an expert eye doctor at a private clinic that is independent of any hospital. Even though these clinics are the most expensive choice in eye health treatments, they also offer the best care and the newest technology most of the time

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I get eye treatment in Turkey?
There are three types of eye health centers in Turkey: state hospitals which include university hospitals, private hospitals, and private clinics.
Are eye health treatments in Turkey are expensive?
Turkey offers affordable prices in many aspects. For eye health treatments, there are state hospitals that are free of charge based on your insurance, private hospitals that offer affordable prices, and private clinics that offer rather expensive but more attentive treatments
Are eye health treatments covered by insurance in Turkey?
While treatments in private clinics are not covered by insurance, state and private hospitals offer affordable prices thanks to the insurance that covers at least a part of the treatment fees.