What to do in Eminönü Istanbul

This district have a fun and enjoyable activities to do at, it reflects many things for Istanbul. It is a place where you can get anything you want and have a nice and delightful time.


Discover the Eminonu Square and its Spice Bazaar

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

The square is a fantastic starting point since it is the meeting point just like the Taksim Square, you can grab a bite from any restaurant over there or a street vendor and sit down and admire the beauty of the Golden Horn. Once you finish, you may go to the famous spice Bazaar and shop for many things, the bazaar is quite famous for its antiques, all other stuff that are available for sale in the area are negotiable the merchants there can speak foreign languages to make it easy for the tourists to contact with the merchants.

In addition, if you are a coffee lover, there is a famous coffee brewery in the bazaar, Mehmet Efendi Kahveci, which makes the freshest coffee beans and sell them. In fact, this is the oldest branch of the company which makes the coffee since the old days. You will see the staff working through the glass and brewing the coffee beans, you can either drink a coffee or get packages with you if you want more of the fresh Turkish coffee.



Discover the Magnificent Suleymaniye Mosque


The mosque is located on the third hill of Istanbul and it is considered as an Ottoman Imperial mosque, it was designed by the famous architect Mimar Sinan under the order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the architecture of the mosque is Arabian, the entrance of the mosque is beautified with a central fountain, the courtyard is of exceptional grandeur with peristyle and column of marble. The mosque has four corners and each one of the corners has a minaret. The Interior architecture of the mosque is square, forming a huge space.

Discover the Activities around Eminonu

Around Eminonu there are plenty of things to do, you can either go to the fish market or grab fresh fish, or even you can dine at the fish restaurant there and have a wonderful seat alongside the Golden Horn.

You can ride the Tram Station and go to the one of the famous places and monuments in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar, it is pretty close once you ride the Tram, you can get lost inside the Bazaar which is a great way to spend the day, the bazaar is divided into many sections, like Jewelry section, Clothes section, and even antiques and good sections. The merchants in the Bazaar have a good personalities you can bargain your way with them since they can speak foreign languages. The Bazaar is one of Istanbul’s greatest monuments since the Ottoman Empire and it was and still one of the best economic centers in the city and it actually contest with many shopping outlets and malls in Istanbul.

You can also walk across the bridge and walk over until you reach the amazing Galata Tower, which many people stand in queue just so they can go up there and live an amazing panoramic view over the Golden Horn. There is also a restaurant, café, and a night club on top of the tower which you can go up there by elevators so you don’t have to take the stairs all the way up. Once you reach the tower and finish touring there, keep walking to the road and will take you to the Taksim and Istiklal Street, which both areas have a wonderful reputation from the people.

Near the Tram Station, you can take a ferry ride and explore many areas in Istanbul, some ferries can take you to the Asian Side and some can be as a sightseeing cruise.


The Eminonu Square being a port, Bazaar area, and touristic area, makes it very important for many people to go there and have the best time. The district connects many areas together and it is right in the middle of the railway. You will have an outstanding time if you spend the day there.

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