When you discover Istanbul, dolmuş can be an excellent public transportation service for you. Also, unlike any other transport, there are no specific stops that dolmuş needs to stop. Even if it has a specific route, you can stop it to hop in or hop off no matter where you are. As you know, other transportation has stopped, and they won't stop besides those stops.

Most Popular Dolmuş Routes

There are countless dolmuş routes here in Istanbul, as the city is vast and crowded. But of course, some routes are more popular than others. Here are some of the most popular routes of dolmuş:

  • Besiktas - Harbiye: This line goes between the Besiktas Pier and Harbiye, part of a very well-known neighborhood, Nisantasi. This route starts in both ways, and it's very popular as the main stops are also very popular places in the city.

  • Bostanci - Kadikoy: This dolmuş route is the most popular route for the Asian side of Istanbul. It starts directly from the Kadikoy Pier and goes through Bostanci Marmaray station. This doll line passes through the coastline of Bagdat Avenue, which is one of the most attractive places for shopping and having food and drinks.

  • Besiktas - Taksim: The line is another very central line for dolmuş, so it’s the most crowded. You can go to Taksim Square with this line and enjoy the atmosphere of Istiklal Avenue or enjoy the coastline in Besiktas and maybe hop on a ferry and enjoy the air of the sea!

  • Kadikoy - Taksim: This line usually works through the night shifts. Kadikoy - Taksim dolmuş line would be the lifesaver of people who reside on both sides and spend their nights on the opposite side. After around 12 AM, all of the local transportation services in Istanbul close, including the Metrobus. So, this would be your only option after 12 AM to cross between both sides of Istanbul.

  • Besiktas - Etiler: Etiler is a prestigious place, but you need to transfer a lot between the local transportation lines to get there if you don't have a car or don't use a taxi. Thanks to dolmuş, it's straightforward to get there from Besiktas with a few people in it, unlike the very crowded buses of Istanbul! You can also get off in Ortakoy or Bebek which are on the route of this dolmus. 

Things To Know About Dolmuş

As dolmuş is not a taxi, yes, it might look like it but sorry for that, there would also be around 10 people when the whole car is full. It's kind of like the carpooling system, people have someplace to go, and they pay the driver according to the distance. But unfortunately, there is a rule that you need to pay 2.5 Turkish liras even if the distance is too close. For example, you took the dolmuş, and you'd like to hop off in a place where it is 400 meters away from the place you took it. Still, they need to charge an amount of 2.5 Turkish liras for that! 

Also, sometimes they pass through you even if you try to stop them. It's because they are full. Don't be upset, they pass through the route around every 2-3 mins, especially during the day. Another note would be that the prices of the routes may vary, but dolmuş would cost you around 5 Turkish liras per ride. But keep in mind that the Besiktas - Kadikoy line is more expensive than the other lines as they need to pass through the Bosphorus Bridge to cross to the Asian side of Istanbul. This local transportation service line would be around 8-10 Turkish liras per ride.

Dolmuş's Difference Between Taxis

Both dolmuş and taxis are a lifesaver, there is no argument to that! They are both yellow and work 24/7 at your service. But on the other hand, taxis don't have a particular route to go on while dolmuş has. Taxis can go anywhere you like unless you pay them, just like in the other countries.

Local Transportation Services In Istanbul

As Istanbul is a very big city, there are tons of transportation options here. You may not need to use a taxi or a car as there are a lot of local transportation services. You can take the metro, metrobus, bus, ferry, Marmaray, funicular or dolmuş instead of paying so much to taxis. You can check all the local transportation options of Istanbul from Istanbul's main transportation website. Please note that you will need to have an Istanbulcard or a one-way pass to be able to use most of the local transportation services in Istanbul. The only transportation in Istanbul that you wouldn't need to have an Istanbulcard is dolmuş!

As you will pay according to your route and distance, you don't need to have Istanbulcard with you when you use dolmuş. But don't forget to bring some cash with you if you have coins. It's much preferred by them. Unfortunately, they don't accept credit cards or other payment methods rather than cash! We hope you find all the information about dolmuş you need from our article! You can learn about some local suggestions and other transportation options from the website. Enjoy reading and enjoy your trip too, stay safe

Frequently Asked Question

What is a dolmus in Istanbul?
Dolmus are like big, shared taxis. They are smaller than bus and metro bus but they can take up to twenty passengers.
Are there shared taxis in Istanbul?
No, but dolmuses operate in a similar way. They follow a route, and you can leave the dolmus whenever you want without waiting for a bus stop.
Can you use cash in Dolmus?
Yes, you can use cash and preferably coins while riding the dolmus.
Do I need an Istanbulkart to ride the Dolmus?
No, you cannot use an Istanbulkart to ride the dolmus. The only payment method available is cash.
What is the cost of dolmus in Istanbul?
Due to fuel prices, the dolmus prices continually fluctuate. But it is easy to say that it will be around 1 Dollar per person.