Here are some more information about the Bosphorus strait:


The Bosphorus Bridge, or as it is known in Turkish “Bogazici Koprusu” is officially named as 15 July martyrs Bridge or “ 15 Temmuz Koprusu” and it is one of the three brdges that connect Asian with Europe. The Bosphorus Bridge was the first bridge to be constructed among these three bridges.
Basically, it is a gravity anchored suspension bridge that is 1.500 meters long and 34 meter wide. In fact, when the Bosphorus bridge was built in 1973 it was the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world and the first one outside of the United States of America, these numbers actually demonstrate what great work had been done to build this bridge.

General information:

As mentioned before, the Bosphorus bridge is 1500 meters long and 34 meters wide and it consists of eight lanes that two of them are used for emergency situations. This bridge is a toll bridge but it is only considered payable for traffic crossing from the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on the bridge and approximately 170 thousands vehicles use this bridge on a daily basis.

Every October of a year, the the Intercontinental Istanbul Marathon is organized and people participate in this marathon to run from European Side of Istanbul to the Asian side crossing the Bosphorus bridge. Thus, on the marathon day the bridge closes for vehicles and opens for people who take advantage of this marathon to spend a couple of minutes watching the breathtaking view and taking some pictures.

One of the funny things that once happened on the Bosphorus bridge, is when the tennis star Venus Williams played a show game with the famous Turkish player Ipek Senoglu on 15 May 2005 specifically at 7 AM. It was one of the most entertaining play shows and it is still remembered until the current day.

What to find around the bridge:

The area around Bosphorus Bridge is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the world. You can find most of Istanbul city’s famous monuments like the great Dolmabahce Palace which was a residential palace for sultans and leader for many years, and Ortakoy famous mosque that view right on the Bosphorus where people used to spend hours praying in this mosque and shopping from the local market beside it, or the great castle of Istanbul city that was built to protect the city from invaders, in addition to many other ancient building, palaces, and monuments that you will definitely be interested to see. Not to mention the absolutely breathtaking natural sights that are spread all over the place on both side the Asian and the European like green trees, colorful flowers and plants, houses built inside the hill and on top of it all placed next to the water of the Bosphorus strait to create a charming picture that you will never forget in your entire life.

The Bosphorus Bridge was officially renamed on 25 of July 2016 to 15 July martyrs bridge on behalf of the martyrs who have lost their lives protecting the city of Istanbul when a group of soldiers tried to take over the lead in Turkey by closing the Bridge using tanks and shotguns, these martyrs stood in front of the soldiers and their tanks to prevent them of taking over the lead.

The bosphorus tour:

If you want to see live a great experience and see the charming Bosphorus strait in a different way, you can buy a ticket to have a tour around the Bosphorus on one of the tour cruises. You can get the chance to see the breathtaking natural sights and the ancient monuments while eating a delicious fresh Simit with a cup of hot Turkish tea. You can also get the chance to feed Simit to the birds following the cruise, just make sure to charge your camera because you are going to take a lot of pictures.

Transportation Alternatives On The Bosphorus Strait

The Bosphorus Strait, an important international waterway, was supposed to be fortified in the 1970s with the construction of a bridge. The first one was the Bosphorus Bridge, also known as Boaziçi Köprüsü, which connected Ortaköy and Üsküdar in 1973. In an effort to reduce traffic, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge connecting Anadolu Hisar and Rumeli Hisar was completed in 1988. The third bridge, known as Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which connects Garipçe and Poyrazköy to the north of the Strait, was finished in 2016.

The latter two also feature highways for cross-country travel. There are also two underground tunnels that connect the Bosphorus Strait; the Eurasia tunnel is only for cars, while the Marmaray tunnel serves as an underground railway. Therefore, two tunnels and three Bosphorus Bridges are currently in use for international and commuter traffic.

Fascinating Bosphorus Day Tours

Bosphorus is worth visiting not only for business but also for recreation and eye appeal. Alongside the Strait on both continents, there are exceptionally attractive views of Ottoman architecture created by manor houses and palaces. Most of the tourist attractions also have some kind of this magnificent scenery. This results in a variety of things to do in Bosphorus - sightseeing, tours by cable car, and a Bosphorus dinner cruise with the show.

Among many alternatives, the Bosphorus cruise day or night arranged by expertise emerges as the most time-efficient and enthusiastic way how to visit Bosphorus easily. One of the favorites of travelers is the Bosphorus Cruise and City Sightseeing tour which makes you enjoy the magnificent architecture of Dolmabahçe and Çırağan Palaces on the European side while capturing Beylerbeyi Palace among many manor houses on the Asian coast. 

If you plan to have a full day exploring the Bosphorus from the south to the north, then the Bosphorus Cruise and the Black Sea Tour which allows you to see more peaceful parts full of natural colors in Poyrazköy, Küçüksu, and Anadolu Kavağı. This tour is organized in a concept of a Bosphorus cruise with lunch to spend more time sightseeing by the meal served on the boat.

Bosphorous and Golden Horn Sightseeing Tour are organized for the ones who would like to discover two important waterways together. The sightseeing part comprises the Spice Bazaar tour and the cruise part goes along the beautiful Bosphorus. Alternatively, you can get on the tour in Üsküdar.

Another commonly preferred one combines the Golden Horn Tour with Bosphorus Cruise and a cable car tour in Pierre Loti. Bosphorus Cruise with Old City tour is a full-day program starting with old-town sightseeing in Balat and Fener while cruising to Rumeli Fortress in the morning. The afternoon program is arranged as a Bosphorus tour with a cable car on which you can enjoy the city from the highlands of Eyüp and the beautiful Pierre Loti

Bosphorus Cruise At Night

If you would like to see the uniquely illuminated palaces while tasting traditional Turkish cuisine on the boat, Bosphorus Dinner and Show Cruise offers that in a cozy atmosphere. This concept of Bosphorus cruise dinner with Turkish show includes traditional ceremonies of whirling dervish and Mehter march as well as folklore elements like Caucasian dance, folk dance, and belly show.

Pick-up service is available from central locations or for some tours, just at your hotel makes you free of stress with where to get the Bosphorus cruise. If you would like to join that after another sightseeing tour, then you can check one near Beşiktaş where Bosphorus cruises startup.

Cruise And Sightseeing

This is a typical one, but it is highly necessary to do, cruising and sightseeing is one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have. Most of the cruises offer a dinner and a dance show, alongside a guide of course. While you are cruising you will see many ancient castles on the shore, these castles are built by the Byzantines and the Ottoman Empires, and they are open for public as museums.

Visit The Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar is located in Emionu district on the shore of the Bosphorus, the bazaar is really famous for its antiques and spices. The local merchants offer the best prices and wonderful handmade antiques. In addition, you may also want to visit the Mehmet Efendi Coffee Brewery, which is the origin of the famous brand, you will see the staff grinding the coffee beans and serving it to you. The shop is one of the oldest coffee brewery in Istanbul, and it is really famous for tourists, many people stand in line to get the fresh brewed coffee they desire.

Ortakoy And Bebek

These two places are not famous for tourists, but definitely worth a visit, Bebek is a wealthy neighborhood by the shore of the Bosphorus, locals come to Bebek during the weekends since it is famous for its nightlife and bars. The place lives on nightlife and its corniche is quiet and magical. With boats sailing and a green forest located on the other side of the shore, sitting there is actually really relaxing. There are also a lot of restaurant and cafés located in the district, ranging from fresh fish diners to international cuisines.

By visiting Bebek you must have visited Ortakoy, Ortakoy is a neighborhood where the magic happens, nightlife in Ortakoy is fascinating, and the local bazaar there is wonderful, merchants selling homemade antiques, and the famous Kumpir Stands, last but not least, the shore of Ortakoy is just out of this world, during the night you will see yourself close to the Bosphorus bridge, and the lights of the bridge bring a wonderful, romantic atmosphere.

Uskudar And Kadikoy

Both neighborhoods are fascinating and can’t be compared to each other, both located on the Asian side of Istanbul. Kadikoy is a residential neighborhood famous for its Moda Street, the Moda Street is full with bars, cafés, and shops. The place is full of life and definitely a relaxing place to be in. if you want to go there you can do so by either a metro or a ferry. Uskudar is a different story, it is also a residential neighborhood but tourists feel welcomed there everywhere they go, the shore of Uskudar is magical and a lot of cafes there offer a wonderful, relaxing view over the Kiz Kulesi and the Bosphorus.

Facts and Information about the Pearl of Istanbul

The Bosphorus is a strait that divides Istanbul into two continents, Asia and Europe. It is called Strait not a river because rivers don’t connect two seas.

It also connects two seas, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. The strait is calculated at a 31 km long and a width of 3,330 m.

The Strait during the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires was considered a strategic area for the defense of the city against outside attacks and for the trade line. Many ships sail through the Bosphorus each day.

A lot of old castles are positioned around the shore of the Bosphorus built by both the Byzantines and the Ottomans.

The Bosphorus is a magical strait to discover, the starit offers not just fascinating and romantic views, but it also offers many activities on its shore. From cruising, relaxing walk, nightlife, and many more.

Elegant Accommodation Choices On The Bosphorus

To enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Bosphorus during your stay, there are a large number of hotels with a Bosphorus view. One of the best choices, the Four Seasons Istanbul Hotel Bosphorus always remains at the top of the list with its exclusive services, stylish decoration, and certainly with its wonderful view of the Bosphorus from the European side. If you are interested in accommodating at an authentic location on the Asian side, Sumahan on the Water fulfills more than you expect.

Being a boutique hotel in a renovated manor house in Çengelköy, it reflects a peaceful but elegant atmosphere of the ¨yalı¨ houses. Another five-star choice on Çırağan Street is a formerly Ottoman Imperial Palace, serving nowadays as an ultra-luxury hotel. Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul offers all the details of Ottoman-style luxury combined with modern delicacies. Situated on Çırağan Street, this five-star hotel is just close to Ortaköy where the Bosphorus Bridge is located on the European side. Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul is also renowned for having an exclusive Bosphorus restaurant with views hosting high society wedding and reception banquets