With its villages and different residential areas, Şarköy is a region that fascinates its visitors. When you are here, you start to see all the warmth and pleasure-oriented lifestyle of Thrace. It is best known for its vineyards, winemaking, and olive groves. The people of this region know how to enjoy life for centuries. Şarköy has witnessed many different periods from ancient times to Byzantium. Intertwined cultures have added different tastes, lifestyles, and habits to each other. It renews all your energy with its beaches, scenic hills, vineyards, and olive groves. Therefore, Şarköy offers an experience that you cannot get enough of with its natural and historical richness.

Where is Şarkoy and How to Get There?

When we head east, to Thrace, from Istanbul, Şarköy is placed in the south. A charming town on the shores of the Marmara Sea. If you prefer to drive, it takes about 2.5 hours. If you prefer the bus, it is approximately 3.5 hours. If you are going to Şarköy by private vehicle, do not miss eating meatballs at Tekirdağ meatball restaurants on the way.

Şarköy Center

Şarköy is one of the most popular touristic routes in this region with its center and surrounding historical villages. In the center of the town, there is a large square and a cute street. Along this street, you will come across various cafes, shops, ice cream shops, pubs, and restaurants. We recommend that you meet the friendly people of Şarköy and chat with the local vendors. You can taste and shop many flavors unique to this region. The region is especially famous for its olives, grapes, and wines. Also, do not pass without trying the ice cream shops of Şarköy. Other local delicacies you may enjoy include lakör börek and peynir helvası. All these delicacies and the shopping opportunities offered by the shops are budget-friendly options. If you want to swim, Şarkoy has the longest beach in Turkey. It is also one of the cleanest beaches in the Marmara region.

Kartaltepe Nature Park

The natural park, which is 40 kilometers from the center of Şarköy, spreads over an area of ​​approximately 2500 square kilometers. If you have been away from nature for a long time, you can find peace by leaving yourself to this vast forest and this park where it meets the sea. There is also a paragliding option as well as a cable car trip. In addition, you can have a pleasant picnic with your loved ones, eat at barbecue restaurants, take nature walks, and enjoy the view. Nature Park has located 40 km from Şarköy.


The entire Gaziköy neighborhood is a protected area. The reason for this is that it has a serious historical background and the entire region is a carefully protected and important archaeological site. There are many Byzantine churches and houses from this period in the village, which is 25 km away from the center of Şarköy. Magnificent beauties are waiting for you to discover in the village, which fascinates not only with its history but also with its nature. You can reach the village in approximately 30 to 40 minutes by minibusses departing from the center of Şarköy.


Uçmakdere is an old Byzantine settlement and a region inhabited by Greeks for many years, so there is a centuries-old viticulture tradition. There are many vineyards around and it has an amazing view. When you come here, you should not leave without seeing the monumental trees. The most interesting activities in the region are paragliding and camping. Uçmakdere is approximately 30 km from Şarköy. It is possible to reach here in approximately 40 minutes by the Süleymanpaşa buses departing from Şarköy.


Yeniköy, which is a pleasant travel route with its magnificent sea views from the hill, old Ottoman houses adorning its streets, and its peaceful atmosphere, is approximately 40 km away from the center of Şarköy. It is possible to do paragliding here in fine weather.


It is a cute area with summer houses, walking paths, fishermen, fruit trees, and flower gardens. Hoşköy is 20 km from the center of Şarköy. It is also home to the French-built Hora Lighthouse, built in the 1800s.


Eriklice is a very rooted and rich region in terms of natural, historical, and cultural aspects. So much so that even in Ancient Greek mythology, it appears as the region where Heracles, son of Zeus, lived. With its olives, grapes, delicious fish, and sea views, Eriklice is a rising value that more and more people discover. You can reach Eriklice in about 10 minutes by minibusses departing from Şarköy.


İğdebağlar is a cute village where Greek immigrants still live today. It gives peace with its lush nature, sea, and forest. It also has a special texture with Greek houses from the past. You can reach İğdebağlar by buses departing from Şarköy. Transportation to the village, which is about 5-6 km away from the center of Şarkoy, will take at most 10 minutes.

Chateau Kalpak Vineyards

Chateau Kalpak Vineyards, which are cared for meticulously just like French vineyards and where high-quality grapes are grown, are 10 km away from the center of Şarkoy. Located on a small hill, the vineyard offers a fascinating view. Here you can tour the vineyards and reserves and taste the wines produced by professional hands.


Mürefte, which is a summer town 10-12 km away from Şarköy, can be visited on hot summer days to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun, and to have a pleasant wine-tasting tour. The olives of the region are also quite famous. Mürefte, which has been inhabited since 2000 BC, is famous for its fertile lands and vineyards. In addition, its sparkling and clear sea is also quite impressive. It is possible to visit the vineyards and taste delicious wines in the region known as the wine beach. Mürefte is especially famous for its white wine. The small square in the coastal area is also very active, especially in summer. In this square, there are options such as fish restaurants, a long pier, a grocery store, and a market.

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Frequently Asked Question

What to do in Şarköy?
Sarköy is well renowned for its olive orchards, vineyards, and winemaking. With its beaches, picturesque hills, vineyards, and olive groves, it rejuvenates all of your vitality. As a result of its rich natural and historical heritage, Sarköy delivers an experience that is hard to resist. Kartaltepe Nature Park, Gaziköy, Uçmakdere, Yeniköy, Hoşköy, Eriklice, debalar, Château Kalpak Vineyards, and Mürefte are popular destinations near Sarköy.
What's Şarköy like?
Sarköy is a town that delights visitors with its small villages and diverse living regions. When you are here, you begin to experience Thrace's warmth and lifestyle focused on enjoyment. It is most renowned for its olive orchards, vineyards, and winemaking. People in this area have known how to have a good time for ages. Sarköy has experienced a wide range of eras, from antiquity to Byzantium. Different tastes, lives, and habits have been contributed to each other by intertwined cultures. With its beaches, picturesque hills, vineyards, and olive groves, it rejuvenates all of your vitality. As a result of its rich natural and historical heritage, Sarköy delivers an experience that is hard to resist.
Where to eat at Şarköy?
Şarkoy wines are famous all over Turkey. Among the local cuisine delicacies are olive oil dishes such as Karnıyarık, stuffed leaves with olive oil, topka, tunçilik, Tekirdağ meatballs, various fish, eggplant sour, simit, manca, caper and green beans.
How is the sea in Şarköy, Tekirdağ?
Mürefte, which is a summer town 10-12 km away from Şarköy, can be visited on hot summer days to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun.