Istanbul Modern Museum

While some museums take care of history and old civilizations, this museum takes care of art in all its types and kinds.

If you are a fan of art, this museum is the best place for you. The museum contains paintings, photographs, and sculptures, and hosts different kinds of galleries, both educational and social programs, and international art exhibitions that offer really wonderful works, such as Toney Crag’s sculpture “Human Nature” in 2018. It is really one of the greatest places in Istanbul.

Galeri Mana

Founded and established by the respected Turkish American curator Suzanne Egeran. The name is derived from the Turkish word MANA which means “meaning” in English. The curator Suzanne applies her ideas of integrating Turkish art with international one to result in masterpieces within a place that looks like one of Brooklyn's buildings. This Museum is very exciting to visit whether you are a fan of art or not.

The Galeri Mana is located in the Beyoglu district and the entrance is free.

The Ottoman Bank Museum

Probably one of the most famous museums and most important one in Istanbul because of the rich history it shows to the visitors. This museum holds bank notes from the Ottoman Empire’s period in English, French, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish in addition to the old Ottoman coins that were used at that time, not to mention many important economical agreements that once were signed between the Ottomans and other countries and empires.

Located in the Beyoglu district exactly in the Salt Galata Cultural Center building. It is very fun to visit it whether you are a fan of museums or not.

Istanbul Biennial

The Istanbul Biennial started in 1987 and its main goal of it is to unite artists from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. Now, the Istanbul Biennial is considered one of the most important ones in the world and when operating in events and exhibitions, the writers get the chance to emerge between artists and audiences.

Miniatürk Museum 

The Miniaturk Museum is an open museum located in the Eyup Sultan district right next to its beautiful lake. The museum shows its visitors small miniature models of the historical and most famous and known sights in Turkey.  In fact, this museum is considered one of the largest Miniature parks in the world covering more than sixty thousand square meters. It also contains small food kiosks to have a snack while walking between the items. It is really fun to spend time there but make sure to visit it during March or April, the weather is very good during these two months.

Pera Museum 

The Istanbul Pera Museum is known to be the most famous art museum in Istanbul. It was founded in 2005 by Suna and Inan Kirac and is located in Tepebasi near Taksim Square, in one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Istanbul city.
The Pera Museum is specialized in arts and it displays different paintings, ceramics, and modern art of many artists both Turkish and international. Not to mention the exhibitions that are hosted in the museum every once in a while and also, the Pera Cafe where you can sit and have a hot cup of Turkish coffee to adjust your mood.

You can reach the Istanbul Pera Museum from Taksim Square by walking for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The museum is absolutely worth visiting.

Still, there are plenty of modern museums in Istanbul where you can spend a hell of a time whether you are a fan of museums or not, the modern museums in Istanbul are absolutely worth visiting.