What Is There To See At The Pera Museum?

Pera Museum serves as a house to so many artworks, from photographs to ancient tools. It is a collection of Anatolian culture and Modern art. At Pera Museum, there are always different exhibitions. However, there are three permanent exhibitions at the Pera Museum that are now identified with it.

  • Orientalist Paintings: Essential works and paintings inspired by the Ottoman culture and community by European artists are permanent pieces of the Pera Museum.
  • Anatolian Weight and Measures: The lower floor of the building displays an interesting collection of numerous pieces of measuring instruments that were used in Anatolia in different time periods. 
  • Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics: Kutahya is a city in Turkey that is known for its great selection of talented tiles and ceramic artists. This exhibition of Kütahya tiles and ceramics displays how incredible these artists are in craftsmanship. This section also represents Turkish art.


Pera Film

The Pera Museum hosts monthly screenings of a diverse range of films, including classic and experimental cinema, animation, documentaries, and short films. The films are being shown in the Pera Museum Auditorium. A discounted museum admission is required to attend the screenings. The films are accompanied by Turkish subtitles.

Temporary Exhibitions

The Pera Museum also hold numerous temporary exhibitions. You could see the current and upcoming exhibitions on their website. Some exhibitions are paintings of modern art, some are photographs, and some are completely unexpected!

Pera Café

The Pera Museum also has a cafe. You could take a break from your artistic visit and drink some coffee or have lunch with your friends as you discuss which exhibitions you liked best! There are a lot of cafés around the Pera Museum as well if you want to get out of the museum and have some fresh air.

Pera Museum is a collection of modern art and Turkish traditions displayed together. It is incredibly satisfying to wander inside the museum not knowing what to expect and be amazed each time. If you want to buy a Pera Museum entrance ticket, click the link and choose whenever you want to visit the fascinating Pera Museum. You will not regret this trip to art

Frequently Asked Question

What is the most famous artwork at the Pera Museum?
The most famous painting in, perhaps, Turkish history of art, “The Tortoise Trainer” by Osman Hamdi Bey, is displayed at the Pera Museum. It is the most expensive painting that has ever been sold.
What else is there at the Pera Museum?
At the Pera Museum are a café, and a film screening room as well. Even if you do not like the paintings a lot, you could still benefit from its other privileges!
When is the Pera Museum open?
The Pera Museum's opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday are 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. On Sundays, the museum is open between 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
How can I get to the Pera Museum?
Away from Taksim Square, walk down Istiklal Street. Turn right down the Asmali Mescit Street when you get to the bottom. Turn right at the crossroads, past the well-known Pera Palace Istanbul hotel. The Pera Museum can be found on the right as you continue along this route.
How much is the entrance fee to visit the Pera Museum?
Entrance fee for Pera Museum is 25 TL. However, Pera Museum is free for visits from 6 pm to 10 pm every Friday.