Fenerbahce is one of the oldest sports clubs in Turkey. It was founded in 1907 by a group of football players from Kadikoy district and its football team is known to be “Turkish People’s Team”  and the team was able to win more than 25 local titles throughout the years.

Probably one of the most loved things about it is its main stadium which is called “ Sukru Saracoglu” or Fenerbahce stadium.

It was established in 1908 and served as a community stadium for many local teams until 1920 when Taksim stadium was established and took over the lead, in 1929 “Sukru Saracoglu” stadium was officially the home of Fenerbahce team after the club bought the land and from that time, the stadium became FENERBAHCE Stadium.

In the 1940s, the stadium was able to hold 25000 fans  in one covered stand and open terrace on the opposite side until 1998 when construction started in the stadium and redevelopment process added more covered stands and stretched the stadium to be able to hold up to fifty thousand fans.

Here’s the thing, Kadikoy district is absolutely the strong neighborhood of Fenerbahce team, so it is not a good advice to wear Galatasaray shirt while you walk through the streets of this district. When a match is going to happen in fenerbahce stadium, the district goes through some changes and dress navy blue and yellow colors and get prepared to host the match.

The stadium is located in Kadikoy district, and it has many coffee shops and restaurants around it in addition to the Fenerbahce main shop which you can find everything related to the club’s teams and players. You can also find some original shirts signed by players whether football players or basketball players or other sports players.

When you reach the stadium you will be amazed by the stricted security of it, alcohol is not allowed and cigarettes lighter also not allowed in addition to sharp materials. Outside the stadium you will notice many police cars with policemen fully prepared for any kind of emergency especially when the match is between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray teams. Over all, the security is stricted to ensure everyone’s safety and rarely for big problems to happen.

When you enter the stadium, you will find four covered tribunes and away fans can sit in GH (upper) and OP (lower) sections in addition to other sections like F and N sections that are opened according to the demand of away supporters.

The stadium is built according to FIFA standards and once, it hosted the UEFA CUP finals between Shakhtar Donetsk and Werder Bremen which ended with SHakhtar winning the Cup, the floor is natural grass and the lights are put in the order that matched FIFA standards in addition to the technical room, press stand, and protocol stand.

How To Get There?


Thanks to connected transportation network that covers every single part of Istanbul, you can reach the stadium easily.

If you are traveling from the European part of Istanbul, you can use the Ferry from Eminonu or Besiktas toward Kadikoy or simply use the Marmaray Metro Line that goes under the water crossing to the Asian Side of Istanbul. From kadikoy to the stadium there is a 20-30 minutes walk. It is important to know that walking is a better option for you because in match days the roads around the stadium is closed due to traffic. If you do not want to walk, you can use the minibus or a taxi toward the stadium.

If you are already at the Asian Side of Istanbul, you can use the metro line toward Kadikoy metro station and then have a walk toward the stadium or take a minibus. You can also take a bus immediately toward the stadium if you are not  a fan of metro lines.