With Istanbul being a transcontinental city, businessmen and women travel every day from every country to polish and promote their business. While most business hotels are located on the European side, there are some great options to discover on the Asian side. Here, we'll be suggesting some options to enhance your travel to Istanbul. So while your visit may only be for business, you'll also have the opportunity to discover Istanbul. 

Where to Find a Business Hotels in Istanbul? 

Hotels in Istanbul can come in all shapes and sizes. The boutique ones, the hipster bed and breakfast ones, even the cheapest ones in a sketchy neighborhood. However, the most glorious hotels in Istanbul are business hotels. Turkish people tend to overdo anything and everything for the foreigners traveling to their country, resulting in some of the best accommodation you can find. So, let's list some hotels in Istanbul to find the best business hotels located right in the city that never (okay, maybe sometimes) sleeps.business-hotels-istanbul

WOW Istanbul Hotel

Finding the best hotels in Istanbul is difficult enough, never mind finding good business hotels. However, the WOW Hotel offers the best quality of attention to its guests, businessmen and women. Located next to the Atatürk Airport, you can find the trade and fair centers, such as Istanbul Expo Center, right across from your window. It relies heavily on its image of being the most accessible business hotel in Istanbul, considering its location benefits. Renowned for its five stars, it also offers you comfort and luxury. While you travel to Istanbul, this hotel is the most convenient and comfortable of all the business hotels! 

Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus

So many business hotels in so many districts! Let's look at the ones in Beşiktaş now, shall we? The Renaissance, just like any other hotel in Istanbul, is one of a kind. Located right in the city's heart, the hotel welcomes numerous businessmen and women daily. The hotel envelops in itself scores of conferences, seminars, and symposiums. This is what we call a "business hotel." Nevermind it being called a business hotel; it can also make a name for being one of the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul. Traveling to Istanbul never looked so good! 

Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus

Talking about Istanbul, we always have to talk about the extravagant lifestyle of some of the wealthiest people in Istanbul. Imagine that lifestyle in a business hotel. Located in the Beşiktaş district, the Conrad offers you a modern way of doing business with its contemporary design. Like the Renaissance, it has a name for being one of the locations that businessmen and women attend daily for conferences. Don't forget the panoramic view of the Bosphorus; that's always a plus in our book! So, travel and discover the many wonders this city has to offer. 

Le Meridien Istanbul

Were you looking for 5-star business hotels in Istanbul? We've got plenty of those. Le Meridien, located right where the action happens, is another suggestion of ours for your stay in Istanbul. The modern design, the location with the view, and the luxury it will bring to you are remarkable. With its "well above average" restaurants, you can taste the classiness in the food. The view of the Bosphorus is also another essential for our traveling businessmen and women when traveling to Istanbul. So, discover Istanbul with all the business hotels it has to offer because it'll make you want more! 

Pera Palace Hotel 

One of the few historic hotels in Istanbul is the Pera Palace Hotel. Even though you'll be traveling to Istanbul solely for business, here you can feel the nostalgic air of this city. With its interior design that will take you back into another era, you'll never want to leave. The classiness of the 1920s shines in this hotel. Nevermind that it's a business hotel, it also offers you the historical context of one of the most intricate eras of this great city. A business hotel never looked so good! So discover Istanbul most excitingly, travel to Istanbul to travel back in time! Oh, also travel to Istanbul for its glorious hotels!

Frequently Asked Question

How much do business hotels cost in Istanbul?
The average cost of luxurious hotels in Istanbul starts from 100 US Dollars and varies among different hotels.
How do I find the best business hotels in Istanbul?
Many websites offer the best options suited for you; however, asking one of the locals that live in Istanbul may bring some light to your question.
Is Covid-19 an issue while traveling to stay in a business hotel in Istanbul?
Nearly all 5-star hotels do a daily check not to risk the contamination of their hotels. Those checks include sanitizing and cleaning the whole of the hotel.