Some others confine Beyoglu to the area between Tünel and Taksim, believing that only the busiest and most colorful area on the hill to the east of the Golden Horn is deserving of the moniker. Others are more forgiving and include the Galata neighborhood in their boundaries, allowing Beyoglu to start in Karaköy and go as far as Taksim.

Things To Do in Beyoglu


Nevizade Street

Nevizade Street, known for its nightlife, is located behind the fish market and is sure to make for one of your trip's most enjoyable nights. Nothing compares to the feeling of a wonderful Beyoglu day coming to a conclusion at night on Nevizade Street!

Galatasaray Square

The sculpture by Adi Alk in this tiny space commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Republic mirrors current history. A wide variety of exhibitions are held in the Yap Kredi Nedim Tör Museum and Kazm Taşkent Art Gallery, which are adjacent to the Yap Kredi Bookstore. Free admission is offered.

Beyoğlu to Sultanahmet

Cross the Galata Bridge and stroll around Istanbul's Old City. Additionally, you can cross the Galata Bridge on the tram that runs from Kabatas to Sultanahmet. Although taking the tram across the bridge certainly won't offer the best opportunity for sightseeing, you can always get off at Eminonu either on the way there or on the way back, and hang out by the bridge. In this sense, walking is unquestionably advised. 

Beyoglu To Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar represents Turkey at its most genuine; The Ottomans took control of the Byzantine city of Constantinople in 1453, during the fifteenth century. After the death in the battle of Constantine XI, the last Byzantine emperor, the city, now known as Istanbul (from the Greek meaning "into the city"), was annexed by the conqueror's growing Ottoman Empire.

Beyoglu Bars

The vibrant suburbs of Istanbul's Asian side, Kadköy, and Moda, to the city's Beyoglu, the heart, and soul of the city's nightlife, are all part of the city's diverse nightlife culture.Over 15 million people live there, and it seems like half of them come to Beyoglu and the surrounding areas on Friday and Saturday nights to have fun. There are several options in Beyoglu, including chic rooftop bars, rowdy indie clubs, cellar jazz cafés, grungy rock bars, traditional Turkish folk venues, and sleek dance clubs.

Beyoglu Hotel

It is advised to stay at a hotel in Beyoglu that is between 400 and 900 meters from Taksim Square. It is crucial that your hotel be close by, or better yet, within walking distance

Beyoğlu became a starting point for westernization with the region’s history, geographic, ethnic, and cultural characteristics. Beyoğlu was a window to the world as a trade center with its port, pier, and Golden Horn. In addition to this feature, its dominance over the capital and the Bosphorus has attracted all foreign embassies. The people living in this region were wealthy and open to the west.

Living In Beyoğlu

Beyoğlu has been a favorite place in the history of Istanbul, where the most vibrant and quality life has been lived since the fifteenth century. The way people from different cultures and civilizations live in Beyoğlu, their love for the neighborhood, and their contribution to social life enlivened Beyoğlu. As a result, the Beyoğlu district is a multicultural living place rarely seen globally, combining this historical face with its cultural heritage and commercial life.

Istiklal Street, one of the most crowded streets, can be considered the center of Beyoğlu but also of Istanbul. In addition to having the best-known entertainment venues in Istanbul, it is also in a location where the best examples of art and culture are found. Apart from Istiklal Street, Cumhuriyet, İnönü, and Cihangir streets are the places where entertainment and commerce are most intense. “A Beyoğlu Classic”; It is a privilege to be worthy of Atlas Passage, Tramway, Taksim Chocolate, Galatasaray High School, and the most beautiful Golden Horn.

Beyoğlu’s Historical, Important Buildings, and Places

Istiklal Street, known as Turkey’s most famous street since the end of the 19th century, closed to traffic, is a lively spot that pulsates day and night; It offers magnificent architectural sights, shops, beauty is teeming with people. At the north-east end of the street, in the expansive Taksim Square, which many describe as the city’s heart, many of Turkey’s most famous restaurants are located, while nearby, there is one of Europe’s most vibrant nightlife. The shopping street has various shopping stores, from world-famous brands to local brands. Besides all this, the nostalgic tram, which serves touristic purposes, gives the passenger a small tour.

  • Galata Tower 

Galata Tower, known as one of the oldest towers globally, was built during the Byzantine Empire. Artifacts reflecting all periods of Istanbul, which has been the scene of settlement since antic times and the capital of three empires for about sixteen centuries, are exhibited in the Galata Tower Museum.

Galata Tower, one of the most visited places by both Istanbulites and tourists, has a different story for everyone. According to the legend dating back to the Romans, a couple who went to the Galata Tower together for the first time is destined to get married. When you go to the terrace of Galata Tower, you can witness one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul at sunset or evening.

  • French Street

The real name of this street, which is one of the most visited places in Istanbul, is Algiers Street. This street with stairs, where many cafes are located, is right behind Galatasaray High School. You can take a coffee break on your trip to Beyoğlu on this street where colorful buildings are located. If there is a day that you want to use your preference for wine, you should visit the “Mahzen Wine House.” You will feel good in the atmosphere of this street.

  • Aynalıkavak Kasrı

This grand palace, whose garden is full of tulips, offers you a paradise in the city. Evliya Çebebi mentioned Aynalıkavak Pavilion in his Seyahatname book and wrote that it was built during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. It is one of the historical pavilions of Istanbul worth seeing. In the summer, you can sit and relax and drink tea, accompanied by the chirping of the birds.

  • Çiçek Pasajı

Located in one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Beyoğlu, this passage has witnessed the history of Beyoğlu. It was established in 1876 on the land of the Naum Theater located on İstiklal Street, which was destroyed as a result of the Great Beyoğlu Fire. Beer and taverns opened in the 1940s. After a while, the residents and florists gradually moved to other places, and only the name “flower” remained. Flower Passage; It is offered with beer, rakı, the most delicious appetizers, and a renewed historical atmosphere.

Pera Museum, which was established in 2005 to provide qualified and large-scale cultural and artistic services, is located in the most active position in the city. There are exhibition halls, training rooms, auditorium, cafe, and art shop within the museum. After visiting the exhibitions between the floors, you can take a breather at Pera Cafe and shop at the Retail Artshop. In addition to bringing many important artists to Turkey for the first time, it also hosts scientific project exhibitions. 

How to get to Beyoğlu?

  • There is a sea transportation option by using the ferry ports located in the Kabataş and Karaköy districts of Beyoğlu, situated on the coastline of Istanbul.

If you are going to provide transportation to Beyoğlu by road; You can use the bus, minibus and minibus lines. You can use the Bostancı-Taksim, Kadıköy-Taksim, Aksaray-Taksim, Bakırköy-Taksim, Yenibosna-Taksim, Beşiktaş-Taksim, Teşvikiye-Taksim, Yeşilköy-Taksim, Florya-Taksim minibus lines.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Beyoglu A Good Place To Stay?
Undoubtedly, yes! Pick Beyoglu. All of the Beyoglu areas, including Cihangir, Galata, and Karakoy, are well-liked hangouts for residents. They are all a part of the broader Beyoglu district.
Where to Stay in Beyoglu?
The first and most important thing you should remember is that you need to make a wise choice for your lodging in Istanbul. Of course, the cost, comfort, and reviews count, but what matters most is that you wouldn't want to stay in a luxurious hotel that is utterly cut off from Istanbul's attractions.
Where to Eat Beyoglu?
Istiklal Avenue is a foodie's paradise in every sense of the word. There are many Turkish eateries, as well as charming side alleyways with cafés and patios.
How to Reach Beyoglu from Istanbul Airport?
There are shuttle buses from both airports to Taksim directly. The distance between Istiklal Avenue and the new Istanbul airport is around 40km, and it is situated near the Black Sea on the European side of the city.