Most of the views in Istanbul are romantic, especially at sunset, while some other views give you the opportunity to see the beautiful historical sites and palaces from the top. Here are some of the places with lovely views where you can sit, take some pictures, and enjoy your time:

Pierre Loti Hill:

Located in Eyup Sultan District, this hill was named after the French poet Pierre Loti who used to write his poems while enjoying a peaceful time on top of it. There are two ways to go up the hill. One using the cable car or using the stairs but in both cases, what is waiting for you up there is speechless. Up the hill, the view of the Golden Horn and the green small island will mesmerize you. There are a couple of restaurants and cafes up there also where you can sit to have a delicious dinner or have a cup of Turkish tea or Turkish coffee. Do not forget to visit the small market down the hill next to Eyup Sultan Mosque, you can find a lot of traditional souvenirs there.

Galata Tower:

It is listed on top of the most visited places in Istanbul. The Galata Tower was actually used for surveillance of the Harbor in Golden Horn, and during the Ottoman Empire’s period, it was used to detect fires in the city. When you go up to the Balcony of the tower, you will be able to watch Istanbul city in an astonishing 360-degree view. The best time to do that is during the sunset or on clear summer days in the morning time. The Galata Tower is located in the Karakoy district at the end of Istiklal Street.

Restaurants at Bosphorus:

Istanbul city is full of restaurants and cafes, this is not a surprise for a city that is rich with food, but if you are with your partner and would like to have a lovely calm dinner with a lovely view of the Bosphorus and its bridges you can have it at one of the restaurants there. The best time for that is at night when all tourists go back to their hotels and the ferries stop operating, the Bosphorus becomes a whole different place with the yellow and red lights shining all over the place, the view is absolutely speechless. All you need to do is to bring your partner and sit there.

Buyuk Valide Han:

The secret spot, at least before everyone finds out about it. It is an old even ancient small building where some shops are still operating. Follow the stairs up to the roof and watch the beautiful view of the old metropolitan city. The perfect time to visit this place is during April and May because the sky is usually clear and the weather is cool.
Get on top of one of the small doms and take some pictures.

Camlica Hill:

If you do not know, Istanbul has seven hills, and Camlica Hill is the tallest one of them. It is a hilltop park and a big garden with a cafe that has wooden seats spread around the garden. What is interesting about this hill is that you can see literally all of Istanbul because it has views of the Bosphorus, the European side, and the Asian side. You will find a lot of newly married people up there taking pictures, join them with your partner and have a relaxing time drinking Turkish tea while watching this wonderful view

Maiden’s tower:

Maiden tower on Bosphorus in Istanbul. The Maiden’s Tower is one of the most important landmarks in Istanbul. It is located on the Bosphorus directly in the Uskudar district. The legend says that a sultan built it for his daughter to put her there and protect her from a prophecy that predicted her death. You can go there by small boat and enjoy dinner at the restaurant there or go up to the balcony of the tower to see the lovely view. You can go there at any time the view is always beautiful but the perfect time is at sunset. Just make sure to go there when the weather is calm because the tower is surrounded by water so it is literally a small island. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to reach Pierre Loti?
First, you should come to Eyüp with local bus, metrobus or boats from Üsküdar to Eyüp. After you arrive at Eyüp, you can follow the signs for Pierre Loti. You can reach the top with the cable car, which is near Eyüp Sultan Mosque. You can also check the other tourist attractions around Eyüp from Istanbul Tourist Pass. If you wish, you can organize a trip with an Istanbul travel guide.
Do I have to pay extra money for these historical places?
No, of course not! You only pay for the transportation and restaurants. If you have The Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can also benefit from discounts where the card is valid in tourist attractions which are the best places to visit in Istanbul. Therefore, you can enjoy the Golden Horn by paying a tiny amount.
When and what time should I come to Pierre Loti?
You can come to the hill in any season. Still, it may get a bit hot in the summer. We do not recommend that you come at noon. In winter it gets very cold so you can avoid this by arriving a little earlier. The ideal seasons are spring and autumn. If possible, sit down and have a coffee at the Pier Loti coffee house as the sun goes down. You can find other tourist attractions in Istanbul Tourist Pass according to the weather.
How can I organize another trip?
You can check the Istanbul Tourist Pass website; if you have not seen Hagia Sophia before, you can glance at the travel writing. This place is also one of the best places to visit in Istanbul. You can organize a tour with an Istanbul travel guide.
How can I find an Istanbul travel guide for my trips?
You can find the Istanbul travel guide from the Istanbul Tourist Pass website. Therefore, you can discover the best places to visit in Istanbul because there are many tourist attractions in this fascinating city.