Belgrad Forest is an amazing place to enjoy nature in such a massive and crowded city. You may ask why there is a "Belgrade" named forest in Istanbul. This forest takes its name from the fact that Suleiman the Magnificent, who returned from his Serbian expedition in 1521, settled the people of Belgrade in the village around this forest.

Belgrad Forest or in Turkish Belgrad Ormanı can be very crowded in the summer and on weekends. However, it is incredibly peaceful and enjoyable, especially between 7 AM and 9 AM in the morning. At these times, you can take a few things for breakfast with you and start the day with a walk in the park surrounded by greenery and then breakfast. Autumn can be the best time of the year to visit Belgrad Forest. It will be incredibly good to take long walks in this season when there are yellow leaves on the ground, the crowd is reduced, and a filter of yellow and orange tones is thrown into nature.

Species Diversity

Belgrad Forest is an area that receives heavy rainfalls although it is not high above sea level. It shows a transition feature between Central European and Mediterranean climates. This nature of the forest allows different plant species to grow together in the same area. The vegetation of the forest generally consists of deciduous trees and shrubs in winter. The sessile oak is the dominant tree species in the forest.

Belgrad Forest is also an important region in terms of living things in Istanbul and its surroundings. It is the natural habitat of many birds, reptiles, and mammals. With the protection measures for the forest and hunting bans for animals, endangered species can easily find the opportunity to breed here.

Neşet Suyu Parkour

When you enter through the main gate, that is the gate on the Bahçeköy side, the road in Belgrad Forest splits into two. If you continue from right to left, you will reach the Neşet Suyu Parkour. If you like running, this track will interest you. Towards the end of the track, you arrive at a pond. If you want water or a snack, there is a buffet at the beginning of the track. It is a great place for your morning jogs!

Horse Safari and ATV Tour

If you want to tour the Belgrad Forest on horseback, some companies offer such a trip opportunity. You can also take a safari trip with ATV vehicles. It is a great way to enjoy nature in Belgrad Forest. 

Ataturk Arboretum

When you come to Belgrad Forest, never leave without seeing the Atatürk Arboretum, which fascinates you with its countless tree species. Here you can enjoy the lively open-air exhibition created by experts in the field of forestry and botany.

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Frequently Asked Question

Where is the Belgrad Forest?
Belgrad Forest is located in the European Side of Istanbul, in the northern part of settlements, inside Sarıyer and Eyüpsultan districts. It takes about 45 minutes from Taksim when there is no traffic.
How big is the Belgrad Forest?
The largest forested area in and around Istanbul, Belgrad Forest is spread over an area of 5442 hectares.
What is the biggest forest around Istanbul?
Belgrad Forest is the biggest forest in and around Istanbul, spreading over an area of 5442 hectares.