What Services Does Adile Sultan Palace Serve?

It has a food court with seating for 400–500 people, but it also has an open-air court with seating for 750–1000 people, no lodging services, and a car park with room for 75–100 automobiles. It includes a catering service, photographic services, company organization bringing, control of the stage's lighting and music, a disabled entrance, an after-party space, menu sampling service, and valet service. It is important to note that the Adile Sultan Palace does not let two wedding services be performed simultaneously, which increases the value and respect for the palace.

The Adile Sultan Palace is one of Turkey's most well-known wedding venues, and Turkish brides who get married there are regarded as the luckiest and most proud. Due to the palace's importance throughout the nation, not just in Istanbul, brides begin their wedding day there in the morning to set up every detail for the ceremony. One of the most well-known aspects of Turkish weddings is the photo session, where the bride and the groom pick their favorite locations in the City. Because of the breathtaking panoramic view of the Palace, brides from other salons joined those whose weddings were placed there.

What Organizations Can Adile Sultan Palace Serve?adile-sultan-palace

Basically, anything like a baby shower, an invitation, and reception, a birthday, henna, a corporate event, a graduation ceremony, an engagement party, or a wedding with a circumcision.

Business Invitations:

Adile Sultan Palace's distinctive setting and old-world charm make it a fantastic alternative for business invitations. Although you can view the Palace from the famous Bosphorus cruises, it also gives you the chance to see the Palace from the seaside, and it is highly recommended to have one of the most beautiful souvenir photos of Istanbul. With its large and spacious halls and the most exclusive location on the Bosphorus, it offers the ideal venue for various events like meetings, conferences, and seminars.

Adile Sultan Palace offers an amazing setting for parties and enhances invites with its expertise in catering. With its elegant presentations, Adile Sultan provides its guests with the best representations of Turkish and international food.

On the weekends, the minimum price for food is 400 TL

Frequently Asked Question

Which groups can Adile Sultan Palace assist?
Basically, any occasion including a circumcision, such as a wedding with a baby shower, an invitation, and reception, a birthday, henna, or a corporate event.
What does the architecture of Adile Sultan Palace resemble?
With its panoramic outlook, expansive open space, and elegant interior halls embellished with golden foil embroidery, it is in a unique setting.
How much does food cost?
The minimum cost of food on the weekends is 400 TL.