Istanbul University is a public university and it is one of the best universities in the whole country. Since the university is affiliated with the state, the tuition fees are this low for international students. As it can be guessed, private universities demand more astronomical amounts of tuition fees that can be as much as 25.000 dollars annually. However, Turkey is a country that works hard for higher education, and success is rewarded. Most universities offer discounts on their tuition fees for successful students, and some can grant scholarships that include a waiver from the tuition fee completely. Details of the ways to have a waiver or a discount change from university to university and depend on whether the university is public or private, so make sure that you get in touch with the university you choose before applying to it. Tuition fees are paid before the semesters begin each year, and international students are required to show that they paid the fee after they are accepted to the university to which they applied.


  • Lower tuition fees than in Europe or in the United States.
  • Studying in prestigious higher education institutions at low prices.
  • Remarkable public universities that offer reasonable tuition fees.
  • Discounts on the prices of tuition fees.
  • Scholarships that grant waivers from the tuition fees.

It is known that higher education is a very expensive journey in a student’s life. While establishing life on their own is expensive enough, the main reason why higher education is expensive stems from the tuition fees of universities. In this regard, Istanbul appears as a refuge from the financial struggles that generally follow higher education because of tuition fees. There are 13 public universities in Istanbul that offer degrees in numerous fields of study in all four types of degree programs. The best part of these universities for international students is that the tuition fees of the most expensive programs are below 2000 euros nonetheless. While these universities offer degrees at such low prices, their places in international rankings show that they give one of the most qualified educations in the world in higher education. 

Moreover, there are various scholarships that give the students a waiver from the tuition fees or offer them great discounts on their payments. There are also 44 private universities in Istanbul, and they are as good as the public universities in the education they offer. However, the tuition fees private universities demand are many times more expensive than those of public universities in spite of the discount scholarships. Regardless of these, universities in Istanbul can show you that you are getting your money’s worth in paying these tuition fees through the quality of the education you get

Frequently Asked Question

Are tuition fees in Istanbul expensive?
Universities in Istanbul offer higher education for way cheaper tuition fees than in Europe and the United States.
How much does it cost for the tuition fees in Istanbul?
While public universities offer higher education in all programs for tuition fees below 2000 euros, private universities may demand up to 25.000 dollars.
Are there any scholarships for tuition fees in Istanbul?
Both public and private universities offer scholarships for tuition fees most of the time. These scholarships may give the students private discounts for tuition fees or grant a waiver from the tuition fees entirely.