The hospitals are obligated to offer translation services for international visitors even though most of the doctors know English. The hospitals operate on appointments most of the time, but the emergency services are also quite capable of offering adequate services. The emergency line is 112 in all parts of the country, and it takes the patient to the nearest hospital for treatment. The patients need to have health insurance for affordable treatments in the hospitals in Turkey. As all international students are required to have a kind of health insurance, whether general or private, accessing the hospitals are not hard once the student is in Turkey. 

Almost all hospitals offer treatment services in multiple policlinics that focus on a specific part of the body, and these policlinics are filled with qualified doctors. The health centers in universities are capable of treating small injuries and general examinations for the students, and they offer free services for all members of the university.


  • Various hospitals with qualified doctors.
  • Hospitals and the healthcare system that is supported by the government.
  • University hospitals can treat small injuries of students for free.
  • Emergency line 112 is available at any time.
  • Multiple policlinics for specific body parts with qualified doctors.

Hospitals in Turkey offer quality treatments for your bad times!

No one wants to go to a hospital and we all want to maintain healthy lives. However, you will be in good hands if you have a problem with your health during your study period in Turkey. As an international student, you are required to have health insurance before having a problem. Thanks to this requirement, you can access treatment from hospitals easily. All three kinds of hospitals in Turkey offer treatments from qualified doctors who have been specializing in their branches. 

There are public and private hospitals for the general health of the public, and there are university hospitals that are open to the general public but are generally visited by students. You do not need to worry about language barriers in hospitals as all hospitals are required to offer translation services. Hospitals can be reached through the emergency line of ambulances, 112, or by having an appointment. There are also medical health centers on university campuses that are not as comprehensive as a regular hospital but are capable of treating the small injuries of students as well as offering general examinations. The health system is better in big cities, showing that you will not have a problem in Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

Are health insurances mandatory in Turkey?
All international students are required to have a type of health insurance.
Is there a language barrier problem in the hospitals in Turkey?
All hospitals in Turkey are required to offer translation services. Also, many doctors in hospitals speak English fluently.
Do hospitals in Istanbul have long waiting for lines?
As a crowded city, Istanbul’s hospitals may be crowded but almost all hospitals operate on appointments. It is advised to go to the hospital with an appointment.