Rana by Topaz is a contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and authentic Ottoman cuisine restaurant situated in Besiktas, right next to Dolmabahce Palace, the last residence of the Ottoman royal family. This unique location leads to the magnificent view of the Bosphorus and the Bosphorus Bridge.

Rana by Topaz is open every day from 19.00 to 02.00, serving many contemporary Mediterranean cuisines and authentic Ottoman cuisine, as well as authentic Anatolian cuisine. This restaurant has the concept of a modern Turkish tavern, guests are usually from the upper-class part of Turkish folk and tourists. It is a truly unique experience to dine right next to Bosphorus, feeling the texture of the sea and hearing calm waves will make your night remarkable. Its Professional, friendly, and smiling crew is here to help you enjoy this peerless night as much as you can. The restaurant serves wide range of appetizers, salads, and main dishes of meat, fish, and vegetables. And their dessert menu is also on point. Its central location is perfect to explore different parts of the city and its closeness to private and public transportation points is valuable for arranging your schedule effectively. Its balcony and interior design are prepared by modern architects to fit nicely with the texture of the Bosphorus, while its succulent cuisine will be unforgettable for your belly, aesthetic harmony will be feasting your eyes.

You should also know that Rana by Topaz is right next to Besiktas Stadium. If you are a fan of football, you can join our Besiktas Stadium tour. The stadium was originally built in 1947, and the first match ever played in here was against AIK Solna. After its renovation last year, it added more beauty and more glory to its already glorious history. You can have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to run on the same field as many football stars from Turkey and all over the world have run. With this pass, you will be able to visit the special areas of the tribune like the press lounge, management hall, press conference room, locker room, and guest team dressing room!

Rana by Topaz serves as a place to enjoy authentic Ottoman cuisine, contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with a breath-taking view of Bopshorus. It has been coloring the life of many guests since its establishment and serves as an elegant place to take your friends and loved ones and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul with the sunset.