Zoos in Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the most colorful metropoles in the world because of its unique combination between modern cities, fresh and beautiful natural views and historic culture which makes it the perfect destination because of the limitless possibilities that the city has.

Allow me to introduce you to Istanbul’s most famous and nice zoos that we can go have some fun and watch around the animals. Suggested duration 1-2 hours.


Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium

Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium

Explore an amazing underwater world! It is one of the largest ocean field. It has an amazing sea view. It has a very large collection of sharks. You can feel the sensation of touching a sea star and other sea creatures also. They give attention to the small details and experiences there also with their utilities like shark dives, diver shows, creature’s feed and a children’s play yard.
Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium is located in Bayrampaşa which is in the middle of the European side of Istanbul, easy to reach and can be visited in the metro.


Istanbul Aquarium


In one of the most beautiful districts in Istanbul, Florya. The Istanbul Aquarium has a great fish collection can be seen. Prepare yourself to travel a route through 16 thematic areas from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean. They have a miniature Amazon rainforest too. In Istanbul Aquarium you can do fish feeding, 5D Cinema which specified cinema that has the best motion program across the world takes the audience to different worlds with five movie options, .Hurricane Simulator that make you feel like you are in the middle of hurricane and live moments of excitement and adrenaline, Mirror Maze that come across similar passages, endless reflections, thrilling dead-ends. You can try shark diving too in the aquarium and you get awarded with a diving certificate to individuals after completing 30-minute diving activity in Istanbul Aquarium.
Suggested visit duration is about 2-3 hours. Istanbul Aquarium is located directly to the seashore so I really recommend taking a walk near the sea during sunset.

Bosphorus Zoo (Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi)


Far into the Asian side zoo near Gebze you find the Bosphorus Zoo though it is a great chance to explore the Asian side of Istanbul. There you can wander between the small narrow street peacefully around the animal cages, enjoying colorful birds, wild pumas and lions. They have a big sharp teeth crocodiles, bears, otters, small cute kangaroos, and monkeys. It is a bit cute to watch different types of cats and tigers also. If you are a nature and animal lover, I strongly recommend you visit that place. It is also recommended to go there in the early morning to enjoy the morning breeze.




Isfanbul is a very big entertainment place in the European side in Eyüp which is making it an easy place to access and visit in Istanbul. The place’s motto is “The capital of entertainment”. They made it really great experience for all ages, the kids can enjoy outdoor activities and they have an indoor games hall inside the mall too. At the top of the park there is a large shopping mall which is an excellent place to do shopping in. At the far end of the mall there is an aquarium and a jungle safari with snakes, spiders and fish. Not also that, they have a hotel and exhibition center.
Isfanbul has become the most famous and entertainment place not only in Istanbul but also in the neighboring countries too.
So if you want to spend your day walking through a big shopping mall entertaining your children in the indoor and outdoor games and activities and then head to do some educational tour you can head to the aquarium and the safari jungle too.
Recommended duration to spend is really more 3 hours and it is going to be worth it.

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