View of Bosphorus


The Bosphorus strait is a natural strait that divides the city of Istanbul into two continents, the European side, and the Asian side. The Bosphorus is one of those things that people think when they hear Istanbul, or even while on their way to Istanbul.


Asian Side of Bosphorus


The Asian Side of the Bosphorus is mostly residential neighborhoods but it is quite interesting to discover, if you ever want to feel like a local and get away of the crowded and touristic European side, then this is the place.

First of all you have the Uskudar district which is part of the Asian side and pretty famous for its shore and the beautiful maiden’s tower. You can take a walk at the beautiful shore of Uskudar that has the best view over the Bosphorus and relaxing atmosphere and perfect place for taking photos. And if you still did not get enough of the Ottoman experience, you can check out the Kucuksu Palace, the palace is located right on the shore of the bosphorus, Ottoman Sultans built the palace for vacation purposes and visit the palace during hunting seasons. The palace is remarkable and it is visible from a Bosphorus cruise, the palace has neo-baroque architecture, the basement was the kitchen and the upper floors are where the royal family lived.

The maiden’s tower on the other hand is located in the middle of the Bosphorus very close to Uskudar shore, the legend says that this tower was built by an emperor to protect his daughter from her fate by dying from a snake’s bite, the emperor’s psychic told him that she will die at her 18th birthday by a snake bite so he built it to protect her. Soon after, he sent his daughter a basket full of fruits on her 18th birthday and inside the basket there was a snake hidden and killed the princess.

Another famous neighborhood is the Kadikoy district which is also famous for its beautiful residential house and its fish markets and bazaars, there are plenty of avenues in Kadikoy like the famous Moda neighborhood to spend the day at and feel like a local.

European Side of Bosphorus


The European side is famous for many things, most of the old city is based on this side, due to the majority of the population that lived on this side of the Bosphorus back in the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

There is the Ortakoy district that is on the shore of the Bosphorus which has the best view over the strait and the Bosphorus Bridge with a fantastic atmosphere and nightlife. Going north, you will find yourself in Bebek which is a mini residential harbor, famous for its restaurants and night life, in addition to the relaxing corniche.

You can go to Besiktas and live a wonderful experience by visiting the Besiktas football stadium and museum, or even walk in its bazaars and fish markets and taste the best fresh fish there is.

If you want a special view over the Bosphorus, Golden Horn, and Istanbul, then you have to climb Galata Tower which offers an amazing panoramic view over the city, in addition of it is being one of the city’s monuments, there is a restaurant and nightclub on top of the tower so you can enjoy you dish with a view over the Bosphorus and the city.


The Bosphorus offer many activities and plenty of things to do, due to its beauty and location, with the magic of Istanbul, all combined are the main reason people fall in love with Istanbul.

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