Transportation in Istanbul


In the past 10 years, Istanbul’s public transportation system has progressed significantly, which has had a direct effect on the city’s quality of service and transportation comfort. Istanbul, like any advanced European city, has a network of various public transportation types, ranging from standard buses to metro and tram networks that cover 95 percent of Istanbul, as well as minibuses known as Minibüs or Dolmush (Dolmuş), and a large number of taxis, some of which are owned by the Istanbul municipality and some of which are operated by private companies. Although getting a taxi is certainly the most convenient option, the cost may be prohibitively expensive when compared to public transit. Today’s topic is the operation of Istanbul’s public transportation system, and in this article, we’ll offer you a brief summary of the pros and drawbacks of using public transportation in Istanbul. 

Many tourists in Istanbul examine the issue of the easiest and cheapest transit inside the city, and they often ask the same question: what is the safest method to ride and travel through the city? 


The answer is simple! If there are no impediments, public transit is undoubtedly the safest and most cost-effective method of transportation in Istanbul. Istanbul boasts a highly modern and convenient public transportation network that includes buses, metros, trams, and even ferries that operate from early morning to late at night, offering tourists a great degree of flexibility of movement. To utilize public transit in Istanbul, you must first get an IstanbulKart pass, which is a citywide transportation card. 

Tramway and Metro 

The metro and tram system in Istanbul is vast, allowing easy access to numerous important sites on both the European and Asian sides of the city. It is the most popular and practical form of public transit. Every day, thousands of Istanbul residents utilize the metro as one of their preferred means of transportation. 

Trams are also an easy and quick method to travel through Istanbul’s best districts like Kadikoy. It is modern, practical, quick, and on schedule. The Baclar-Kabataş tram will most likely be the most handy for visiting tourist sites in Istanbul since it stops near must-see landmarks such as Galata Tower and the Hagia Sophia Museum. 

Istanbul Metrobus & Bus 

Locals’ preferred form of public transportation is the bus. It has a very large network that extends from Beylikdüzü to Pendik. Buses are the most affordable and cost-effective form of transportation, but they are often overcrowded, making it difficult to select which one to take. 

Hundreds of thousands of residents utilize Metrobus to get about on a daily basis. However, since it is not always easy to travel between all of these stations, the Metrobus is not the most popular method of tourist transit. 

How Can I Make Use of Istanbulkart? 

After you have recharged your card, you will be able to use it in all public transportation modes in Istanbul, including the metro, subway, tram, funicular, ferries, and public buses. All public transportation systems have Istanbulkart card readers; simply place your card near the reader and wait for a second before hearing the beep, which indicates that the ticket price has been deducted from your balance, and the remaining balance of your card will be displayed on the reader’s screen. Because the card is not a personal card, you can only buy one card if you are going in a group, however each passenger may use the same card.