The Bosphorus Bridge


It is known about Istanbul city its important location that connects European continent with Asian Continent through the Bosphorus Bridge. This location is such an important one because all products going from Asia and Middle East toward Europe must pass through Istanbul city not to mention that it sits on the world’s famous silk road that starts from china and ends up in Europe. Thus, the Bosphorus strait is absolutely the most important area in Istanbul if not in Turkey.


Here are some more information about the Bosphorus strait:




The Bosphorus Bridge, or as it is known in Turkish “Bogazici Koprusu” is officially named as 15 July martyrs Bridge or “ 15 Temmuz Koprusu” and it is one of the three brdges that connect Asian with Europe. The Bosphorus Bridge was the first bridge to be constructed among these three bridges.
Basically, it is a gravity anchored suspension bridge that is 1.500 meters long and 34 meter wide. In fact, when the Bosphorus bridge was built in 1973 it was the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world and the first one outside of the United States of America, these numbers actually demonstrate what great work had been done to build this bridge.



General Information:

As mentioned before, the Bosphorus bridge is 1500 meters long and 34 meters wide and it consists of eight lanes that two of them are used for emergency situations. This bridge is a toll bridge but it is only considered payable for traffic crossing from the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on the bridge and approximately 170 thousands vehicles use this bridge on a daily basis.


Every October of a year, the the Intercontinental Istanbul Marathon is organized and people participate in this marathon to run from European Side of Istanbul to the Asian side crossing the Bosphorus bridge. Thus, on the marathon day the bridge closes for vehicles and opens for people who take advantage of this marathon to spend a couple of minutes watching the breathtaking view and taking some pictures.

One of the funny things that once happened on the Bosphorus bridge, is when the tennis star Venus Williams played a show game with the famous Turkish player Ipek Senoglu on 15 May 2005 specifically at 7 AM. It was one of the most entertaining play shows and it is still remembered until the current day.

What to find around the bridge:

The area around Bosphorus Bridge is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the world. You can find most of Istanbul city’s famous monuments like the great Dolmabahce Palace which was a residential palace for sultans and leader for many years, and Ortakoy famous mosque that view right on the Bosphorus where people used to spend hours praying in this mosque and shopping from the local market beside it, or the great castle of Istanbul city that was built to protect the city from invaders, in addition to many other ancient building, palaces, and monuments that you will definitely be interested to see. Not to mention the absolutely breathtaking natural sights that are spread all over the place on both side the Asian and the European like green trees, colorful flowers and plants, houses built inside the hill and on top of it all placed next to the water of the Bosphorus strait to create a charming picture that you will never forget in your entire life.




The Bosphorus Bridge was officially renamed on 25 of July 2016 to 15 July martyrs bridge on behalf of the martyrs who have lost their lives protecting the city of Istanbul when a group of soldiers tried to take over the lead in Turkey by closing the Bridge using tanks and shotguns, these martyrs stood in front of the soldiers and their tanks to prevent them of taking over the lead.



The Bosphorus Tour:

If you want to see live a great experience and see the charming Bosphorus strait in a different way, you can buy a ticket to have a tour around the Bosphorus on one of the tour cruises. You can get the chance to see the breathtaking natural sights and the ancient monuments while eating a delicious fresh Simit with a cup of hot Turkish tea. You can also get the chance to feed Simit to the birds following the cruise, just make sure to charge your camera because you are going to take a lot of pictures.

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