Istiklal Street and Bars

Nearly everyone in this world has heard about Istanbul city and the great time that they can spend, in fact, more than 8 million people fly to Istanbul city every year to visit the historical sites and see beautiful natural sights or maybe to enjoy tasting the delicious food of Istanbul but let’s be honest, not everyone would fly and afford the costs of traveling just to see some ancient building and get to know more information about older civilizations. Most people travel to have fun, change the daily routine that they face back home and to spend some wild time. Well, the good thing about Istanbul city is that it has something for everyone and if you are looking to spend some fun time then Istiklal street is the best option for you.


The Istiklal Street is the most famous and active street in Istanbul. Actually, this street is where everything happens from day to night in Istanbul. You won’t need to get out of it because everything exists in this street, museum, shopping malls, cinema, restaurants, cafes, and most importantly BARS. So yes, if you are planning to spend a happy time with your friends or partner then Istiklal Street is the place you should go to.
Here are some of the bars that you can find in Istiklal Street:


Kara Kedi:

Kara Kedi Bar
, or as it means in English Language “ the black cat”. This bar is famous for presenting the actual behavior of a sneaky cat because it changes its location every once in a while but still, the Kara Kedi is one of the most famous bars in Istiklal Street. The bar usually hosts live performances on weekend nights and sometimes the events keep going to the next morning. In addition, the bar gives the chance to the young talented musicians to play their music during an ongoing event. The staff of Kara Kedi bar is respectful and helpful and the atmosphere is cozy and relaxing so if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy your beer while watching a performance then Kara Kedi is the place you should go.
The latest location of Kara Kedi bar is in Istiklal Street near the galata High school.


Crab Bar:

It is funny yet weird to find a bar with such a name but actually the atmosphere inside this bar can give you a hint of the reason behind naming it like this. The bar is four floors and it is crowded most of the time but the atmosphere is just wild and nobody cares about nothing inside and probably this is the reason behind naming it Crab. in any case, if you can find a space for yourself to sit then stick to it and drink your cold beer while listening to the music of the bar’s band, they are awesome and always get the customers on feet and create a very wild atmosphere in the bar.

The Crab Bar is located in Istiklal Street and it keeps running until late hours of the night, just make sure to have fun without getting wasted.

Sensus bar:

The sensus bar is more of a small wine tavern that offers a great selection of tasty Turkish wine with a delicious selection of cheese. This place is perfect to relax after a long trip around the city and discover the Turkish wine and if you want to add more fun you can go to the jazz club that is located right next to the sensus bar where you can listen to live jazz music.


This place has it all. At day time, many students and locals go Urban to study, work, or just have a little chat while drinking a cup of tea or Turkish coffee but when the night comes, the tables spread outside the cafe on the alleyway, the music start blaring, and people come from everywhere to smoke, drink, and dance.

It is strange how this place can manage to change its atmosphere from wild to calm within an hour but still, it satisfies everyone.

The Urban cafe and bar is located in Istiklal street near to the famous Galatasaray High school.



Indigo club is for the people who want to go really wild because of the electric, pop, and DJ music that keep running all night. Everyone is drinking and dancing in this place so if you are looking to spend a wild night then indigo is the place for it.

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