Bosphorus Istanbul


Bosphorus is one of Istanbul’s remarks and attractions that gives the city its beauty and natural magical atmosphere, the bosphorus is a natural strait that divides the city into two continents and provides a magnificent view you will never forget. Many Empires have fought great battle just so they can have control over this magical strait with its strategic location.


What can you do around the Bosphorus?


The number of things you can do around the strait are numberless, whether it is a nice relaxing walk or sitting in a café with a view over the Bosphorus. All options are magnificent and worth the time.


First of all, and it is considered a typical one, which is taking a cruise boat, that will take you sightseeing around the strait with a professional guide next to you, in addition, these cruises offer a fantastic dinner with belly dancing shows and a traditional dance shows that will make this trip worth the time and patience to go through.

If you have already done the cruise, then a visit to the Asian side of the Bosphorus is a must, the Asian side will take you away from the crowded touristic European Side, you have plenty of options to go through, either you start with Uskudar District or Kadikoy District, both are a great starting point, the Kadikoy District is a residential neighborhood with fantastic views and activities, you have the fish market which is famous for its fresh fish and dining areas, all filled with the best and most delicious fish there is. The Moda neighborhood is located in kadikoy as well, it is a wonderful and relaxing place to be at, when there, you may do plenty of things like walking by the Bosphorus or hang out at amazing cafés with the best view. And for our shopping lovers, you have to visit the Bagdat Caddesi, it is one of the most famous shopping destinations for many people, locals and tourists. It is located right between Kadikoy and Maltepe. Uskudar District is one of the main destinations when visiting the Asian side, just like Kadikoy, it is located on the shore of the strait and considered to be a big residential neighborhood, the main attraction of this district is the Maidens tower which located close to the shore of Uskudar. This tower gives the place a wonderful magical view with a touch of the medieval times.


You can also from Uskudar ferry station go to the Eminonu in the European side, from there you can visit the Spice Bazaar, which is known for its different types of spice, and a wonderful collection of antiques. And while you are there, you can visit one of the oldest coffee breweries in the area, the Mehmet Efendi coffee brewery which is known for its fresh coffee beans and a wonderful strong taste. People wait in the queue to experience the amazing coffee this brewery offers. After you finish from the spice bazaar you can either walk to the restaurants located under the bridge and eat the fresh fish these restaurants offer, or you can walk through the bridge and continue your way up to the Galata Tower, the tower has a magnificent 360 panoramic view over the Golden Horn and a nice restaurant on top of it so that you can eat your favorite dish while watching the serenity the golden horn has to offer.

One of things that has not been mentioned yet is the Ortakoy District, this is the district that you see in many postcards of Istanbul with its mosque, the district is so wonderful to spend time at, you can go to the local bazaar or even sit down near the Bosphorus.


As mentioned, the things you can do near the Bosphorus are numberless, with a variety of activities for couples, friends, or family. Have fun enjoying the beauty of the Bosphorus in whatever you do, because wherever you go, you will have to consider the Bosphorus. Many places like Uskudar, Kadikoy, OrtaKoy, or Eminonu all offer different excitements for you to experience.

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