Do you like beaches … who does not love beaches ? The fresh smell of sea which refreshes people from inside to all particle of human being.It woud not be too much if I consider beaches as a kind of simulation of heaven on earth.Okay but what makes beaches that much unique ? What to do in beaches ? Beaches have different meanings for both lovers of winter and summer.. For instance , let’s talk about beaches in winter in winter season you can take a sip of your tea or coffe while watching the sunset , take a long walk with your friends , lovers and family.Beaches are totally different in summer of course in a good way 😊. Best place for summer lovers because beaches are automatically related with holiday which is considered for most of u s to relax , swim , take a sip of their cold and even freezing drinks,which really freezes your teeth like bzzzz…

It is time to talk about the best beaches in Istanbul . How are the beaches in winter in Istanbul ? Where are the best beaches ın ıstanbul ? what can you in summer in beaches ?

So many questions are waiting for their answers .




The Caddebostan beach is very famous beach of Istanbul for both tourists from outside of Istanbul and also for people who lives in Istanbul . People who lives in Istanbul mostly visit Caddebostan beach in the summer to enjoy their holidays , swim and take fresh breathes in Istanbul as if they were not in Istanbul. Caddebostan Beach offers visitors to get away from the crowd and stress of Istanbul .One of the natural attraction for tourists in Istanbul is  Caddebostan beach. Things to do in summer in Istanbul is visiting and enjoying beaches and also for the winter , so many things to do in winter in Istanbul’s beaches .Caddebostan beach is located at Kadıköy so both in winter or summer you can enjoy the rest of your day after having fun in Caddebostan beach. What to do in Istanbul after beach time ? Probably you will feel hungry after beach so you can eat delicious fishes at Misina Balık Restaurant , Cunda Balık, . If you don’t feel like eating fish you can also try Beppe Pizzeria  Kadıköy offers you best experiences to have,  like having a quality time and coffee at Walter’s Coffee Roastery , Coffee Spot , Coffee Manifesto etc..


Suadiye Beach is also located in Kadıköy like Caddebostan beach so all suggestions can be applied for the visitors. Suadiye beach is also mostly preffered by both local tourist and foreign tourists from all around the World. Suadiye beach is also considered as natural attraction point of Istanbul.


Sarıyer district is hosting so many beaches more attractive and beautiful than each other in Istanbul. For example Uzunya Beach , Burc Beach , Suma Beach are some of these unique beaches.Not only with its beautiful beaches where you can swim ,enjoy and have fun of yourself but also in cold days of winter you can also enjoy the view of Sarıyer with your lovers , friends and family. Not only unique beaches of Sarıyer, but also thanks to location and advantages of Sarıyer makes it one of the attractive places in Istanbul to visit.

There are so many enjoyable activities in Sarıyer . For example , you can enjoy the rest of your day after having good time in beaches of Sarıyer , you can also enjoy yourself challenging places to eat or drink things or trying new foods and desserts which delicious from another with the excellent view of Bosphorus . My advices are like this for coffee or tea or something you prefer to drink , Emirgan Sütiş , Molka Cafe Bistro , Rumeli Kale Kafe&Restaurant . What about eating in Sarıyer ? It is really challenging for visitors to decide which one to choose but here are some advices from your writer 😊 Num NumYelken Restaurant ,Yıldız Hisar , Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus etc.. One more extra advice form y dear readers who are interested in trying new things , here you can visit Korean and Chinesee cuisine in Sarıyer A Golden China and Gaya Golden Restaurant is waiting for visiting to serve its best meals.



Florya Gunes Beach is one of the most famous beach in Istanbul which is located in Florya, so close to Avcılar distrisct of Istanbul . Florya Gunes Beach offers its visitors enjoyable time and best view of sun and nature together. Do not waste of all your energy in excellent beach beacuse Florya provides you unique tastes in Kaşıbeyaz Florya  or Şazeli Florya  in which you are unable to full yourself in terms of physical needs rather than enjoying needs which you get from the Florya Gunes Beach.

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