Galata Tower Tickets and Walking Tour 

This is our partner who offers in-depth English group tours of Istanbul's most popular attractions. On top of the Galata Tower, you will experience and explore the city from one of the best vantage points. You'll also get to take a short guided walking tour of the touristy Galata neighborhood. Galata has alive memories of various cultures, ethnicities, and religions.

  1. Blue Mosque and Sultanahmet Square Tour 

Istanbul Welcome Card provides this service, which we strongly recommend. You will discover and appreciate all of the heritage landmarks that surround Istanbul's ancient kingdom square from the outside. Between the monuments, your guide will walk you through Istanbul's history, from antiquity to modernity.

  1. Istanbul Sightseeing Walking Tour

On this tiny walking tour, you'll see Istanbul's most famous landmarks as well as hidden backstreets. An English language guide will teach you about the city's Byzantine and Ottoman history. Visit Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Spice Bazaar, Hippodrome, and Grand Bazaar. On this tour, you will learn about the places of interest but will not go inside. Find out where the locals drink and eat. Explore Istanbul's landmarks, such as the Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar. Your guide will teach you about the state's history. Explore the city's hidden backstreets. Visit the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market.

  • Its cost is 20 dollars.
  1. Hagia Sophia - Suleymaniye Mosque - Grand Bazaar

This tiny group highlights tour of Istanbul is ideal for first-time visitors looking to get their bushings in this scenic city. With your guide, investigate the city's top landmarks, discover a few real treasures, and learn about the city's varied architectural heritage achievements. You can see the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar, and you can even stop at an Ottoman-era spice market to get a flavor profile of the time-honored open market experience. On this small-group guided tour, you'll discover the best of Istanbul. Visit the Suleymaniye Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Grand Bazaar to see the vibrantly colored displays and distributors. Get a more personalized tour with only 6 other people and your guide.

  • Its cost is 20 dollars.
  1. Istanbul Old City Guided Walking Tour

Istanbul is rich in culture and history as the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, and also the biggest city in modern Turkey. This team walking tour with a guide allows you to explore Istanbul's historic sites on foot. Take time to visit the Topkapi Palace,  Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome,  Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and other attractions while strolling through Sultanahmet. Discover Istanbul's historic sites with a guide. Leave from a centralized meeting place. On foot, explore the most important historic monuments in central Istanbul. Discover the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, and other attractions

Frequently Asked Question

What is Istanbul's best-known bazaar?
The Grand Bazaar is Istanbul's most famed and beloved bazaar. This Istanbul location is also one of the biggest and oldest bazaars you can visit.
How much does it cost to enter the Hagia Sophia Mosque?
The Hagia Sophia Mosque is free to enter. You are not required to pay a fee; however, charitable contributions are greatly appreciated.
When is the Topkapı Palace Museum open for visitors?
Except on vacations, the Topkapı Palace Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.