Istanbul is Turkey's most populated metropolis and has served as the capital of numerous empires throughout history. It is also one of the most populated cities in the world, with a population of roughly 16 million. It serves as the economic and cultural hub of Turkey. On the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea coasts is the city of Istanbul. The Bosphorus flows through the center of the city. Additionally, the Bosphorus divides the continents of Asia and Europe. The Rumeli side and the Anatolian side are the names of the portions of Istanbul that are located in Europe and Asia, respectively. The metropolis is the only one in the world that was constructed on two continents.

Airports of Istanbul

Istanbul is a popular tourist destination worldwide. In Istanbul, there are two airports. The first, Istanbul International Airport, opened in 2019 and is situated in the city's north. The second, Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, is a much smaller airport and is situated in the east of the city.

You should not fear if it is your first time in Istanbul. Istanbul's public transportation system is very advanced. There are numerous other ways to get from both airports to your hotel or other desired location.

Istanbul International Airport

Istanbul Airport is the brand-new airport in Istanbul, which was decided to open in 2019, is one of the biggest and most advanced airports in the world. Although the new airport in Istanbul might appear to be outside of the city, it is simple to travel into the city from the airport. The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the third of the 3 bridges linking two continents, is the most straightforward route to use to get to the new airport.

Bear in mind…

Getting to the various city cores from Istanbul's airports is quite safe. There are a few considerations to keep in mind about this city, just as there are in any other metropolis. Always keep your possessions under control and keep an eye out for cars, especially when walking across the street. If you would rather take a cab, we advise you to find out how much it would likely cost to get there. Naturally, you should be aware that traffic in a large city like Istanbul can be extremely congested during certain times of the day and taxi costs may be slightly higher during these periods.

Frequently Asked Question

Are the Domestic and International passenger terminals separate? How far will the terminals be from one another?
At Istanbul Airport, there are no distinct facilities for domestic and international flights. Under one roof, all passengers will be served.
At Istanbul Airport, will a visa be available? How can we find out more about this?
The e-visa can be utilized at Istanbul Airport just like it can at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Passengers must obtain a printout of their e-visas before traveling to Istanbul Airport because there won't be any e-visa kiosks there.
Does the airport have any flight information boards? How can I view the flights online?
Flights can be watched online and on boards inside the Istanbul Airport.