Ruby Restaurant & Bar

Ruby Istanbul is one of the most suitable best pubs to eat properly and have fun on the Bosphorus. You can feel the quality as soon as you walk in. The after-dinner club is impressive in itself. At Ruby, you can experience unforgettable nights with dance and music until the first light of the morning in the club sections on the lower or upper floors.

Their awarded bartenders offer their interpretations of classic cocktails, Ruby signature cocktails, a selection of snacks, as well as after-dinner digestives and a choice of wines. So be ready to taste these delicacies! Avocado with shrimp on a bed of artichokes will be your favorite.

Moretender's Cocktail Crib

One of the best pubs that go beyond the standard and makes creative cocktails. They use only fresh fruit and natural ingredients. They present the sushi and cocktail duo-like art. If you happen to be here, we strongly recommend trying "Royal Breeze."

Draft Pub

Eat drink, and follow the good vibes in Erenköy, Moda, and Ataşehir. The industrial decoration style is the owner's own style. Its menu, which aims to expand the beer culture, has 60-70 types of beer and food pairings. Even though they have wine and cocktails as drinks, their beer stands out. The place owner says, "95 percent of the beer types in Turkey are here". In Draft, a DJ plays music and mainly soft rock songs except for Mondays.

Monkey Istanbul

The most beautiful sunset in Istanbul is Beyoğlu. Monkey Istanbul offers its guests delicious cocktails accompanied by quality music with its dazzling view. It is in the first place in the Beyoğlu region with its scenery. Prices are not exorbitant. The employees are smiling and interested. If you like cocktails, you can experience them, especially at sunset. We recommend going early to grab a chair for the view.

Bosphorus Brewing Company

Attracting attention with its production beers in Şişli. While walking from the hustle and bustle of Mecidiyeköy to Gayrettepe, on the left is a calm, pleasant, wonderful place that produces its own beers with a British-inspired decoration. The menu offers its guests the tastes of pub lovers, England-Belgium, and more.

In addition to homemade sausages, potato chips, and fries prepared with special tempura dough, seafood, meat varieties, and desserts, Bosphorus Brewing's exceptional beverages more than meet the expectations of both Turkish and foreign guests. We guess there is no other place in Istanbul that sells craft beer. We strongly recommend you try Lager 5.8%, one of their best-selling products.


One of the most popular pubs and bars in Istanbul: Lucca! Cocktails are an essential issue in Lucca, which sets Istanbul's mixology trends, collects all the awards one by one with its signature cocktails, and feels the pulse with its ever-changing drink menu. On top of appearing in many international publications, Lucca is also the owner of the "2005 Best Café-Brasserie" and "Best Pub of 2006" awards given by Timeout Istanbul. Besides its extensive wine menu, it has a lively atmosphere and hosts famous DJs at night.

Kum Saati Jazz Blues Club

Let the blues play in Beyoglu. The best pub to have a musical night. The only example of its kind is in Istanbul. A bar with jazz, blues, rock & roll bands, and live music. It's a small place but charming and cozy. You can feel like you are in a jazz bar in New York. You can check which group came out on your social media accounts on the day you go, and make sure to research the group that came out before; the styles can differ a lot.


Offers a pleasant atmosphere in the garden in Beşiktaş. It is the perfect choice for those who want new tastes and different experiences. While enjoying a refreshing cocktail or a glass of wine in this lush garden after work, you can relieve the tiredness of the day by enjoying shared tapas options for the Aperitivo hour. Backyard is in the city's center but away from the hustle and bustle. You can either take your place at one of the best bars in Istanbul against the view or enjoy the garden in the sitting areas on the grass.

Summit Bar & Terrace

One of the restaurants and best pubs with the most beautiful view in Istanbul. The food menu is not rich, but the cocktail menus were sufficient. While the perfect view accompanies you at night, you should try the chef's special sushi. If you want to sit on the terrace, we recommend making a reservation.

Alexandra Cocktail Bar

Alexandra is one of Arnavutköy's leading nightlife venues and best pubs. The view is magnificent, the cocktails are very creative. Thanks to the bartenders who produce a new cocktail every time, very innovative options emerge. Great to go before dinner and sip a cocktail while catching the sunset lights! If you find a place on the balcony, you can consider yourself lucky.

That was ten of the best pubs you can enjoy your nightlife in Istanbul! We wish you a happy trip and enjoyable evenings in these pubs.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Istanbul have a good nightlife?
The thrills of Istanbul's nightlife are unquestionably the finest you'll ever have. Istanbul will never fail to capture your interest with its late-night parties, amazing food, and people dancing all night.
Does Turkey have nightlife?
Turkey is a fantastic spot to go out at night, and Istanbul, Bodrum Resort, and Marmaris are the three most popular cities to visit for the finest selection of pubs and nightclubs.
Is liquor allowed in Turkey?
In Turkey, a license is necessary to sell or serve alcohol, including beer. Alcohol can only be sold between the hours of 06:00 and 22:00 in markets, although there is no such restriction in restaurants and bars.
What is the local drink in Turkey?
What is the Turkish National Alcoholic Drink?
Turkish Raki is often regarded as the country's national alcoholic beverage. Raki is an anise-flavored drink that contains 40-45 percent alcohol and is categorized as brandy. When water is put into the raki, it becomes white.