Huqqa is located in Kurucesme, one of its many branches. Huqqa fascinates its guests with spectacular views of the Bosphorus. Huqqa attracts attention with its modern design and high quality service. Huqqa will appeal to your taste with its restaurant designed by architect Mahmut Anlar. Huqqa offers VIP rooms in addition to the restaurant section. You can enjoy pleasant moments in these areas that you can use on your special days.

Huqqa offers the tastes of eastern and western dishes together, while offering the tastes of international cuisine. Huqqada hookah types are also very interesting. In addition to many varieties, diet and gluten-free options are also available in the menu.
If you want to visit Istanbul, you should start your day with  Golden Horn and Pierre Loti Hill Tour. You can examine the structure and history of Eyüp Sultan Mosque. You can see the magnificent view of the estuary as you climb the cable car. When you climb to the top of Pierre Loti, Istanbul will impress you. You can buy handmade jewelery from the small stands of Pierre Loti. Then you can go to Miniatürk and see many historical structures shrunk. You should not miss this interesting experience where you can cross the Bosphorus Bridge. You can countine with Dolmabahçe Palace Tour. You will not get enthralled with its magnificent structure and spectacular views. You can learn the history of Dolmabahçe Palace with your tour guide. After the tour, you will take the bus across the Bosphorus Bridge and change the continent. Take the road to Çamlıca Hill and you will see Istanbul with the magnificent view from the hill. You will not be able to take photos on Çamlıca hill.

At the end of this day, you should have dinner at Huqqa. You can try a delicious variety of meat and beautify your meal with non-alcoholic cocktails. If you like hookah, you can try fruit flavored hookahs at the end of the day. You will enjoy this meal with the view.




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