Wyndham Grand İstanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel
5 Stars


You have already experienced the European side of Istanbul that contains the Old City within, or just want a different experience of this amazing city? Then you should make the best out of the “other side”, and see what the Asian side of Istanbul has to offer! In order to do all these you can choose Kalamış Marina Hotel as your home in your stay in Istanbul.

Located in one of the most elegant districts of Istanbul’s Asian side, Kalamış Marmara offers a breathtaking view of the Marmara Sea. It offers more than 200 rooms, with mesmerizing views of the city, the Marmara Sea or the marina.

The Hotel includes seven (yes you read right, seven) restaurants for you to choose among, which brings together Turkish cuisine and Western delights; as well as fourteen meeting places, making it perfect for special occasions and gatherings.

Rewind and recharge yourself at Blue Harmony Spa the hotel provides. The centre includes indoor and outdoor pools and a fitness centre; offering classic Turkish relaxation with a steam bath ritual!

In order to keep exploring the other side of Istanbul, you can join a tour that encompasses historical neighborhoods together with Kadıköy and Üsküdar tour ! You can meet others that are coming from the European side in the designated Marmaray station, a modern train which connects European side to the Asian side right under the Bosphorus. There will be a three hours walking tour in Üsküdardistrict, a charming Ottoman neighborhood filled with historical mosques and complexes. After this extensive walk, you’ll be having lunch in one of the local traditional Turkish restaurants. After the lunch, you will take Marmaray all the way to Kadıköy, which is also known as “Chalcedon” literally meaning ‘City of the Blind’, that will surely blind you with the vibrant vibe it reflects. You will see the historical harbor buildings of Kadıköy, and the narrow streets of fish market as well as the famous, beautiful Moda. Kadıköy reflects an alternative Istanbul, where history meets the youth of the city, surrounded with an amazing blue.

Following the walk, you will be visiting churches, mosques and mansions with a professional tour guide. After that, if you like to explore more of Istanbul in European side, you can take a 20 minutes boat ride to finish the day.

If not, you can always finish the day with style in Lacivert Restaurant, 30 minutes from Kadıköy with a car, and again 30 minutes from Kalamış Marina hotel by car. Located within a historical seaside-mansion, Lacivert is serving its guests since 1999, now became a true Bosphorus classic. During summer season, the iconic Lacivert terrace becomes and ideal spot while saloons are used during winter season with dazzling view of Bosphorus. Lacivert offers local Turkish cuisine, as well as Mediterranean cuisine and a vast collection of seafood.

If you’d like to explore the ‘other’ Istanbul, the Asian side has got a lot to offer!




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