Take the Famous Teleferik up to Uludag

No matter what time of the year you are visiting Bursa, you will have one of the best experiences in Uludag, because Uludag is a snowy place in the winter while in the summer its weather becomes cool and breaks the heat of the summer sun. use the Teleferik (Cable Car) to go up the mountain and spend some time skiing there with your friends or enjoy hiking and doing picnics if it is summertime and by the end of the day, go further up to the famous Palabiyik Restaurant and grill your own meat next to your table.

Visit Cumalikizik Village

Cumalikizik Village is a small village that is located just outside the city, it is famous for its cobblestones streets and absolutely delicious breakfast. Walking on the streets of this village will relieve you and calm you down because of its clear and clean weather. Just make sure to go there early to try the most delicious breakfast that is made from 100% natural elements and fresh vegetables.

Spend Some Time at the Bazaar Area

At the heart of Bursa city, the swagger place of the central city where people call it Bazaar. It is the perfect place to drink tea at one of the old small tea houses and watch people walking and shopping together, maybe take some photos and eat the famous Iskender Kebab which is the most famous dish in Bursa city. And when you find Ulu Camii go behind it to drink tea at the hidden Cukur Han.

Visit the Unesco Heritage Places

Bursa city has one of the UNESCO World Heritage places which consists of eight locations spread inside and outside the city and goes back in time to the 13th and 14th centuries. A very special location is the one attached and integrated into the Bazaar and includes the tombs of Osman and Orhan Gazi and the ancient religious and social complex.

The other locations are spread around the city but each one of them has a different beautiful thing.

Spas and Hamams

Because of the volcanic nature, Bursa city has a lot of spring hot therapeutic water that was used for many centuries as public bathhouses where to get massaged and enjoy healthy water, and until now the city offers the same idea of spas and hammams where you can absolutely enjoy the perfect Turkish Hamam using healthy water.

Enjoy the Beautiful Nature

Bursa city is famous for its beautiful nature and clean weather. You can spend a lot of time between trees and waterfalls because they are everywhere in the city or around it. You can go to the Saitabat waterfall, Oylat cave which is one of the most breathtaking sites in Bursa, Uluabat Lake, or just spend a couple of days camping in one of Bursa city’s forests.

If you do not want to spend your time camping, you can spend it in one of the villages near the city like Misi, Inkaya, or Tirilye village where the weather is clean, the food is always fresh and healthy, and people are really friendly.


Bursa city is just like Istanbul city, full of food with various types and kinds of it but the most famous dish in the city is called Iskender Kebab. It is made of grilled meat slices on fresh bread and yogurt on top of it. It is different but really delicious and very famous in the city, nearly all the restaurants offer this dish.

But if you are more of a fan of fish, go to have fresh fish at Arap Sukru Restaurant. It is the most famous restaurant for seafood in Bursa city.

Buy Some Souvenirs

You can find a lot of handmade ceramic plates and vases in Bursa city, and they are not very expensive; you can buy one to remember the fun time you had there.