Valens Aqueduct Facts

The Valens Aqueduct is 971 meters long, with a peak height of about 29 meters. It is not an entirely straight and regular structure because some of its components were reconstructed at various points throughout time. In contrast, the arches between 41 and 45 and 52 to 56 were rebuilt during the reigns of Mustafa II and Suleyman I, respectively. As can be seen, the arches between 1 - 40 (including 1 and 40) and 46 - 51 have remained unchanged from the time of Emperor Valens.

Uncertain circumstances surround how the bent section near the Fatih Mosque got to be that way, which attracts particular notice. Even though its stonework appears to be nearly flawlessly regular from a distance, closer examination reveals that ashlar blocks and bricks were combined to build it.

The aqueduct's breadth is also asymmetrical, with its largest point measuring 8.24 meters and its narrowest at 7.75 meters. The pillars are 3.70 meters thick and currently extend 6 meters below the surface.

If you look at the Valens Aqueduct map, you can see that the water that joins together near Edirnekapi comes from the northeast and the northwest parts of the Valens Aqueduct. The daily discharge measured in the 1950s was around 6,000 m3.

Where Is The Valens Aqueduct?valens-aqueduct

Sarachane Park and the Aqueduct of Valens Istanbul are both in Istanbul's Fatih neighborhood. Simply board the M2 Yenikapi-Hacisman metro line and exit at the Vezneciler - Istanbul University stop to use the metro. The distance to the aqueduct from there is 10 minutes by foot.

The Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi stop is the closest bus stop to the Valens Aqueduct Istanbul if you need to take a bus. Numerous IETT buses, including the 33, 35, 73, 77, 78, 80, 82, and 92, stop here.

You can take the Marmaray from Istanbul's Anatolian side and change to the M2 Yenikapi - Haciosman metro line at the Yenikapi stop.

Other Attractions Near The Valens Aqueduct

The location of Valens Aqueduct in Fatih offers visitors a wealth of additional locations to discover. Join a Best of Istanbul Tour to experience the best that this enchanted city has to offer. It is even safe to argue that Fatih offers some of Istanbul's best attractions.

Your journey will get underway at Istanbul's top tourist destination, the Hagia Sophia Museum. You will be able to skip the wait and see this important architectural landmark for yourself. With a history spanning more than 15 centuries, this museum has carried a tremendous amount of history on its shoulders as both a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral and an Ottoman imperial mosque.

Next, you will find Basilica Cistern, the city's largest ancient subterranean cistern. Considering that this enormous historical cistern was constructed in the sixth century, it has been providing Istanbul with water for more than 15 centuries. Inside, you'll find a space with more than 300 marble columns that appear to go on forever.

Your next stop will be Topkapi Palace, which is the second most popular tourist destination in Istanbul. One of the most significant structures in Ottoman history, the imperial palace housed numerous sultans and their families for more than four centuries.

You can see a live performance of the Whirling Dervishes, another representation of Turkey, in Hodjapasha. You will be spellbound by the enchanting ceremony performed by the Whirling Dervishes of the Mevlevi Order, one of the most significant cultural activities in the world according to UNESCO. Understanding the significance of each individual's gesture and attire is only one more aspect of this experience

Frequently Asked Question

What other things are close to Valens Aqueduct?
Valens Aqueduct, which is situated in the city's old peninsula between the Zeyrek Mosque and Pantokrator Monastery, is also adjacent to the Vefa Kilise, Kalenderhane.
How can you accescc the Valens Aqueduct?
Taking the M2 Metro and exiting at the Vezneciler metro station is the simplest method to get there. From Vezneciler metro station, it takes just five minutes to walk to the west to reach Valens Aqueduct.
Hotels close to Valens Aqueduct
Hotels close to Valens Aqueduct are listed below: Istanbul hotels include the Sultania Hotel, Celine Hotel in the Ottoman Mansion, Hotel Amira, Ferman Hotel, and Hotel Darussaade.