The chocolate museum in Istanbul is the only one in Turkey! Despite its remote position, the Pelit Chocolate Museum, located adjacent to the Pelit Chocolate Factory, is one of Istanbul’s most visited museums. If you have children with you on your Istanbul vacation, be sure to take them to this lovely museum! 

About Pelit Chocolate Museum

The museum, which opened in 2013, takes you on a journey that begins with the history of chocolate-making. See the hundreds of chocolate-made objects, including Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, Maiden Tower, and even a chocolate town! There is also a little chocolate workshop for youngsters. It is estimated that more than three tons of chocolate were used in the museum’s construction. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind museum that is suitable for both children and adults! 

Pelit is a large and well-known Turkish business that specializes in the chocolate sector. For chocolate and sugar enthusiasts, the firm has established a chocolate museum. There are so many different shapes, colors, and chocolate kinds to choose from that you will fall in love and melt with them. 

You won’t be able to contain yourself and will most likely take chocolate from one of the chocolate creations. So, instead of destroying the museum in Istanbul by eating it, you may try the chocolate you want from the cafés there, where you can get every single kind of chocolate you want, as well as a wonderful waffle or pancakes with dark chocolate. It is simply delectable.

Where is the Chocolate Museum In Istanbul?

The museum of chocolate is situated in the Esenyurt District, which is a little out of the way from the city center, but it is well worth the trip. You may travel to the museum by using public transit, such as the Metrobus line to Haramidere Station, and then a cab to the museum. 

Pelit Chocolate Museum is situated adjacent to the Pelit Chocolate Factory in the Esenyurt industrial zone, around 30 kilometers from Istanbul’s city center (Sultanahmet and Taksim). The museum may only be reached by taxi or private vehicle. Beylikdüzü Metrobus stop is the nearest public transit station to Pelit Chocolate Museum.

Pelit Chocolate Museum is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The admission price is 200 Turkish Lira, while children under the age of five are admitted free of charge. 

Istanbul is not only a culturally rich city with incredible attractions, but it is also a city of fun and entertainment. The city still has several chocolate stores and factories where you can visit and sample their delectable chocolate, but the chocolate museum is in a different location. It makes no difference whether you are a chocolate enthusiast, a regular chocolate eater, or a chocolate hater. The chocolate museum and its fascinating components will undoubtedly captivate you!