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Sea Life Aquarium

There's so much to see, learn and do at Sea Life Aquarium! Come and see underwater life up-close in an 83 metre-long ocean tunnel.

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Duration 1 Hour

Check availability to see starting times.

There's so much to see, learn and do at Sea Life Aquarium! Meet the largest collection of sharks in the world, see whales and sea turtles and many more amazing sea creatures. You can even touch starfish and crabs in the interactive rockpools. Walk through the 83m long underwater Ocean Tunnel and admire the giant Sea Bed display and you'll feel like you're under the ocean yourself. You will be amazed by life under the sea!

One of the world's largest Ocean Tanks awaits you! Don't miss the incredible views from our 83-meter-long Ocean Tunnel's Sea Bed. The Shark Kingdom is home to Europe's largest shark collection. As they swim majestically overhead, marvel at the Bowmouth, Bonnethead, Grey Reef Shark, Zebra, Sand Tiger sharks, and many others. In our stunning Interactive Rock Pool Experience, feel what it's like to touch a sea star and other species. At Istanbul SEA LIFE Aquarium, there is something for everyone, including shark dives, diver shows, creature feeds, and a children's play area.

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  • Walk through the 83 metre-long underwater Ocean Tunnel

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Any additional activities (e.g. diving, feeding the sea creatures, etc.) are not included.


Sea Life Aquarium: Spreading Love of Underwater

Are you ready for a completely different journey in the heart of a metropolitan city? Sea Life Aquarium, where you can spend unforgettable times with your loved ones, opens its doors to visitors as Europe's largest aquarium and sea life center. With the privileges of the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can take an original and entertaining step and embark on a magical journey.

Do you want to spend a lovely day with the underwater inhabitants? Sea Life Aquarium and the adorable creatures in it await you! If you are interested in sea animals, the Sea Life Aquarium, one of the experiences you should not miss, invites you to a trip to the bottom of the ocean.

Sea Life Aquarium is frequently preferred by those who cannot give up on entertainment and exciting activities and cultural trips. The aquarium, which is flocked not only by tourists but also by crowded excursions and school groups, fascinates the audience with its size. Sea Life Aquarium stands out with thousands of visitors in just one week among the tourist attractions.

Thanks to Sea Life Aquarium, you will feel like you are in the middle of the ocean. You can see colorful sea creatures and learn a lot about them. At the same time, you can coincide with the feeding time of the fish at certain times of the day. It's fun to witness the feeding made with special-trained divers. You are also entirely free to take photos and videos in the aquarium. 

The species of fish in this aquarium, which contains hundreds of different types of sea creatures, is not known. Known to host commonly encountered and endangered species, Sea Life Aquarium serves them a healthy and safe life. At the same time, it hosts the last examples of many living things.

Creatures Waiting for You at Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium provides an unforgettable experience to visitors with the species collected from 51 points in the world. The service it has provided welcomed visitors for more than 40 years. The hundreds of species attract the attention of everyone from seven to seventy in the Sea Life Aquarium, including Sand Tiger sharks. They are among the most interesting creatures of the aquarium, with their first and only breeds in Turkey.

Offering the chance to observe creatures from the great white shark family, Sea Life Aquarium greets you with the difference of Istanbul Tourist Pass. The two sharks, called "Derin" and "Crin," have been living together for a long time and draw particular attention, especially on Valentine's Day. These cuties never leave each other, and their devotion is definitely worth seeing. The shark section, which is flooded with visitors, attracts young children especially.

A First in Turkey and Europe: Turtle Hospital

Sea Life Aquarium has become not only a home for sea creatures but also a health center. The aquarium, which hosts the Turtle Hospital and diseased turtles from all over the country, is a first in Europe. Also, the Sea Life Aquarium tour includes other magical species such as rock pools and jellyfish. This trip, which you can also plan as a pleasant and entertaining weekend activity, is flooded with tourists and visitors during the week, too. Feeding hours are the most active hours of the day. The feeding time, where you can see all the fish active and in motion, fascinates all visitors by adding a completely different atmosphere to the trip. These times become visual feasts, even shows, supported by experienced divers. Sea Life Aquarium can become your number one choice when you want to get rid of land life and throw yourself into the undersea world. It is an event that you will never forget throughout your life, and maybe it turns into a habit, too! You can enjoy this unique experience by yourself or with your loved ones. If you wish, you can immerse yourself from the oceans to the amazon forests with Jungle

Frequently Asked Question

Why is the Number of the Species in the Sea Life Aquarium Not Certain?
There are dozens of species in the Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium, from stingrays to sharks, turtles to goldfish, and interesting algae species. Since the quantity is very high and most of them are so small, a precise amount cannot be given. Don't forget to take a look not only at the water but also at the bottom of the aquarium. There you can observe all the creatures and get information about them! Many interesting types of algae and sea creatures are waiting for you!
Sea Life Aquarium Opening Hours?
Sea Life Aquarium Opening Hours Sea Life Aquarium accepts visitors between 10:00 and 20:00 every day of the week, the last entrance is 19.00. Let's remember that the aquarium becomes the number one address of local and foreign tourists on weekends and gets pretty crowded.
Is There an Age Limit for the Sea Life Aquarium Entrances?
No, anyone can enjoy Sea Life Aquarium! Visitors aged 17 and under are kindly requested to be accompanied by an adult. You can visit the aquarium with your family or large school groups and give children an unforgettable experience.
Should I Wait in Line to Enter the Aquarium?
Absolutely no! Istanbul Tourist Pass offers you the fast travel experience you need. Pass members do not have to wait in line to enter any tourist attractions!
How Long does it Take a tour of the Sea Life Aquarium Entirely?
It is enough to spare about 60 to 90 minutes to visit the entire aquarium and examine all living things in detail. However, for a more detailed trip and learning about the animals, you may need to set aside a longer time!

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