The Time Hotel Marina
Boutique Certificated


The Time Hotel Marina is located on the coastline of Bakırköy-Ataköy. The Time Hotel Marina, where you can catch comfort and calm without leaving Istanbul, provides an advantage with its smooth transportation. There are many shopping centers nearby, as well as various fish and meat restaurants along the coast.

The Time Hotel Marina offers different types of rooms and a free breakfast. There are non-smoking rooms for non-smoking guests. The rooms are furnished in a romantic style and offer sea, land and panoramic city views.  It also has a pool and gym. The hotel has 2 restaurants, 1 bar and a spa center. A nursery and babysitting service is available for guests with children. The hotel has a shuttle service from the airport and provides easy access to its guests.

After you start your day with your hotel's varied breakfast, you can get a ticket to the Sealife Aquarium Tour if you are looking for a nice activity to do. Transportation to the Sealife Aquarium in Bayrampaşa is provided by metro. You can easily reach from Ataköy. There are thematic sections in the aquarium. Vatoz Bay is both interesting and one of the many sections to be seen. Enchanting visitors with a panoramic view, Ocean Room provides a different experience. The Turtle Hospital and the Turtle World open the doors of a different world. Would you like to learn how to save sea turtles? Then you're in the right place. Visit the first sea turtle rehabilitation center operating in the private sector in Turkey. Listen to what has been done to save them and learn their life stories. Jellyfish Community, Ocean Tunnel, Rock Pools, Tropical Reefs and more ... The aquarium also features an example of Rainforest. An inevitable opportunity to see different species in the Amazon Forests. You should also see the colorful image of Clownfish Town. Finally, go to the Shark Kingdom and hold your breath in the face of this eerie and exciting landscape. This magic aquarium world that looks like you can touch it if you reach out will give you a different experience. If you want to continue with different experiences, you should get an Entrance Ticket to Legoland Discovery Center. Get ready to build different buildings and structures with your child.

In the evening, you can have a delicious meal at the small fishermen on the beach and go to your hotel near you. After a relaxing spa, you can fall asleep watching the sea view from your room to relieve the tiredness of the day.




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