Lionel Hotel
5 Stars


Surrounded by local shops, restaurants and cafes this magnificent hotel with a sleek glass facade will enchant you from without. Lionel Hotel will definitely get you from within with its elegant and modern design as well, I’ll guarantee you.

The hotel has variety of rooms from standard rooms (that are not that standard) to family suites, targeting a wide range of visitors. Some of the rooms even has fireplaces! Imagine the cosy winter nights you can spend here alone or with your loved ones. The hotel is also completely family-friendly, children under 6 are not charged!

The hotel takes care of your body as well as your children, there is an amazing spa center that includes an indoor pool which you can enjoy every season, a gym, spa and a Turkish bath where you get cleaned like sultans.

The hotel includes a restaurant and a brasserie. Dorlion Restaurant is at your service with its revised versions of Turkish cuisine, and Lionel Brasserie warmly welcomes you for drinks after (or before) your meals. Enjoy!

The hotel is conveniently located, it is 40 minute away from Istanbul Airport, 20 minutes from Sultanahmet area, and 20 minutes from Taksim by a car.

What I would recommend is to explore the magical Topkapi while you are this close. Through Half Day Istanbul Highlights tour, you can cover Topkapi Palace from within and Hagia Irene Church from without and blend your experience with artifacts from two distinct cultures. The tour will be visiting the Topkapi Palace first, which served as main residence for Ottoman dynasty in 15th century. It is considered as one of the most important treasures from Ottoman History with its historical, architectural and cultural importance. You’ll be visiting the Audience Hall, Divan (the high court), historical kitchens, royal stables, the Treasury gardens and kiosks. Get ready to be enchanted with the well-kept remaining treasures of a once-great empire. The next step will be Hagia Irene Church, which you’ll be seeing from outside. This Byzantine style church is one of the few churches in Istanbul that hasn’t been transformed into a mosque, and is located in the outer courtyard of Topkapi Palace. This whole place reflects the diverse culture that lies within Istanbul. The last stops will be to Caferağa Medrese and Soğukceçme Street where you can explore the surroundings of this historical area, and imagine what it should feel like to live in those times.

For a perfect finish to a day full of history, is there a better way than watching a performance that demonstrates a tradition that goes 800 years before? Think not. Watch the Whirling Dervishes show at the historic Hodjapasha Dance Theatre. The Sufi whirling is a form of physically active meditation, done in the purpose of achieving the God. Classical orchestra and readers of Mıtrıp Heyeti (a band with traditional instruments) will be performing on the stage alongside with the whirling dervishes.

Istanbul has a tremendously complex and rich history, and if you could find the right way to look at it, it has a lot to say to you too! Try not to missing out.




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