Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus


Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus; In the main hall of the entrance you will enjoy a meat that will taste the taste of your family, while in the hall which has an open and closed area of ​​100 people on the second floor, you can feel the breeze in the skin. On the third floor, you can welcome your guests in the VIP lounge, which has an open area of ​​100 people and has a closed area of ​​100 people and you can have your tea in the unique view of the Bosphorus. The first evening that comes to mind is not forgotten. On the top floor terrace you can enjoy summer evenings at the dominant spot of the Bosphorus. Kaşıbeyaz, which has a traditional Turkish cuisine structure, has a more contemporary look with its architectural details that are used in the new restaurant and which carry the inspirations of 21st century. In the designs where turquoise color stands out, the classic chintemani pattern is modernized and applied to the metal material, giving guests a palace atmosphere. In the place where the Ottoman motifs are used predominantly, each of the chrome-plated lighting on the copper forging is hand-made and specially designed for the space. It is preferred to cover the walls with massive and non-porous structure on all walls and decoration. This material does not contain any bacteria, its color is not faded, it is not scratching and it is not burning. White color is dominant in the floor of the floor of the white and white whiteness of small crystals from the marble stands out. Kaşıbeyaz, which was established in Aksaray in 1974 and started to serve in Florya in 1987, has not only appealed to the taste of its traditional Southeast cuisine, but also brings the taste of meat to the Bosphorus with its warm atmosphere in its new place in the Bosphorus.




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