Hotel Sultan Hill
5 Stars


Hotel Sultan Hill is based on the restoration of a historical Ottoman building. Hotel Sultan Hill has 17 rooms and is designed to meet the needs of its guests. With its central location, the hotel provides an advantageous accommodation in Sultanahmet. The hotel is 100 meters from the Blue Mosque and 300 meters from the Hagia Sophia.

The hotel offers a variety of room types, and the rooms are simply and stylishly furnished. Decorated with minimal design, the rooms are mostly used with wooden furniture. In addition to the traditional motifs used in the breakfast room, there is a corner unique to Turkish culture. You can taste Turkish delicacies by feeling Turkish culture at the cushioned table. Hotel Sultan Hill serves its guests with a bar on the terrace. From the terrace you can enjoy views of the Blue Mosque and the Marmara Sea.

If you want to explore Istanbul, you can enhance your day with tours. In order to visit the historical places in your area, you can start with the Blue Mosque Tour and be enchanted by the magnificent atmosphere inside the mosque and see the finely processed tiles. Afterwards, stroll around Sultanahmet Square and taste delicious food from the small stands. Later in the day, you can join the Topkapi Palace Tour to continue with the historical monuments in your area. Topkapi Palace is perhaps one of the first places to see when it comes to Istanbul. Topkapi Palace, which witnesses the life of a large society, can cause you to fall into the splendor of its high walls as soon as you enter. You will see Topkapı Palace, where you will experience full minutes with different sections and various collections. If you want to see the Hagia Sophia, which is very close to your hotel before the end of your day, you should take the Hagia Sophia Tour. In this tour you can listen to the history of Hagia Sophia and closely examine the beautiful architecture. Don't forget to drink Turkish coffee with a beautiful view before returning to your hotel.

When you are tired of exploring Istanbul and your hotel will be waiting for you in comfortable rooms. If you want to relax in your rooms with a view and get a peaceful sleep, Hotel Sultan Hill is the hotel you are looking for.




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