Our government has established a number of stringent rules to ensure the proper operation of the medical field. And if you are experiencing pain from any medical problem as a result of poor administration of doctors and their staff, the medical malpractice law office in Istanbul Turkey can assist you with their best and most experienced lawyers.

What services do medical malpractice law firms in Istanbul Turkey provide? 

Any medical malpractice law office in Istanbul will offer you the following services:

  • provide you with expert lawyers who will work with you to make your life better using a brief case study
  • assist you in gathering testimony from medical personnel, professionals, and other outsiders
  • provide you with complete medical records for the respective medical case
  • conducting a thorough legal analysis and determining the best answer for your case
  • collaborating with a lawful helper to determine case merits and review medical notes

A person's better and healthier life is brought under terms & conditions, resulting in the creation of the health law structure. The morally acceptable performance of the patient-physician relationship, the use of prescription medications, and therapeutic options have resulted in advances in the field of the health law.

As an Istanbul health law lawyer, we serve local and international clients in the area of health law, focusing on the communication between the client and the physician. The Constitution includes health-related regulations in a variety of areas. 

Health Care Legal Liability

Because of the connection between the physician, the patient, and the organization, they have rights and responsibilities to one another. The Istanbul health law lawyer, in particular, is required by law to investigate these three relationships.

A legal liability arises if anyone behaves contrary to the law for debts owed to him/her under the agreement within the interaction between the physician, patient, and organization. As a result, the health practitioner has a moral liability to the patient because the physician fails to act directly opposed to the patient's intention, to pay support and attention to the patient, and to personally conduct the examination process, and thus violates the legal actions in the contract.

The patient is legally liable for jeopardizing the organization's and doctor's safety, dishonoring the physician and patient, obstructing the examination process, and taking actions against the physician's and company's intent. If these 3 major components are not met, the patient is held legally responsible under the laws and constitution.

If a healthcare professional or organization harms a patient, discloses patient information, or fails to follow the Regulation of Patient Rights, it is the starting point of legal responsibility for the healthcare professional and organization under the scope of patient rights

Frequently Asked Question

How much money will I save if I get treated in Turkey?
The price disparities are enormous. Getting treatment in Turkey saves you a lot of money. Almost all surgical and medical processes are significantly less expensive than in other European destinations.
What about my recovery time?
As we have previously stated, Turkey is brimming with high-quality healthcare facilities and fully skilled doctors. During your healing stay, you will receive all necessary physical therapy and follow-up treatment options.
Can my insurance company pay for my Turkey procedure?
We strongly advise you to contact your insurance provider before making any decisions. For their covered processes, some insurance providers have very sophisticated and extensive policies. Some laws state unequivocally that they do not encompass foreign operations.