In fact, the government had invested a lot in the textile field and encouraged people to bring this sector a life and facilitate the road for them by entering international markets all over the world. At the current time, Turkey is considered one of the most important countries in the fashion field and the fashion exhibitions or conferences that are held every year in Istanbul is one of the signs of Istanbul’s importance in this field.


Just like any other fashion city, Istanbul city is full with famous brands whether luxury or medium class from both local and international. Although Turkish brands were not famous around the world but by the beginning of 1980s the Turkish designers who contributed in international fashion exhibitions have been able to leave a good impression in fashion lovers all around the world. Slowly and year after year, the fashion in Istanbul had grown to a point where it got the respect of the international fashion community.

Today’s situation of the fashion field in Istanbul is absolutely fabulous, Turkish brands have made it to the top of international markets and people from all over the world come to Istanbul city every year only for shopping. It might be crazy but true because Istanbul offers a very wide collection of fashion with relatively cheaper prices compared to other countries in Europe in addition to its location that is easy to reach for everyone in the world.

A Little Bit About The History Of Fashion In Istanbul:


Fashion and moda have been deeply rooted in the Turkish culture and You can tell that from the Ottoman period. Clothes of both women and made were made from the perfect materials that come from southern Turkey, China, India and other places, even for clothes made of cheap materials the designs of women’s robes and clothes were very unique and different than the known dresses or clothes in the world.

The Tailors or (TERZI) as it is called in Turkish, were very respected back in the old days during the Ottoman Empire because they used to design very high quality clothes. Thus, it is not totally new for Turkish people to have a good taste of fashion.

After the establishment of the Turkish Republic by great leader Ataturk, fashion was changed and the fez or dresses that both men and women used to wear was forbidden and the arabic alphabet was also replaced with latin alphabet, all of these decisions have lead to a change in the identity of fashion. Designers started to look for European style for fashion and people started to adopt western clothing and moda. At this point, some says it was a positive change while other says it is not healthy to change the identity of the Turkish fashion

In any case, these roots have grown and resulted in a very famous name in the International fashion community.

Women In Istanbul And Shopping:

In general, shopping is bonded with women. In a better phrase, there is a love story between women and shopping and in a city such as Istanbul, women tend to do shopping a lot especially that clothes are not expensive overall.

Of course, you would still find things that are insanely expensive but everyone inTurkey can afford buying clothes. Women do shopping everyday in Istanbul, especially after that options and collections have become wider and now, even more options are available for women.

The majority of women go for Defacto, Kotton, and Mavi for local reasonably priced clothes and Zara, Elle for international reasonable priced clothes.

While for luxury and high class clothing brands, there are many brands and shops both local and international where women spend most of their time and money.

There are more than 20 fashion exhibitions and trade shows in Istanbul this year not to mention other cities such as Ankara, Bursa, Antalya and other cities. Both international and local designers whether famous or young ones join these trade shows and exhibitions to show their latest work to people because Turkey is one of the countries that respects new fashion.