Crowne Plaza İstanbul Asia
5 Stars


If you are having difficulty with your time, if you want to enjoy your business trip, Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia Hotel is the right choice. It offers a wide range of comfortable rooms. Accurate training in the fully equipped sports center will help you focus and at the right time, be energetic and feel healthy and vigorous. Enjoy a variety of food and beverage options throughout the day, from quality meals to light meals at the Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia's Cesni RestaurantBelvedere Restaurant & Bar. The room can also work comfortably by eating. You will feel comfortable and peaceful. The Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia Hotel considers all the needs and comfort of its disabled guests. The hotel is a pioneer in a variety of disabled services, ranging from disabled rooms, areas and TTY devices to disabled parking facilities and assistive listening devices.

If you want to get yourself away from the hotel and business environment, professional tours are at your service. You can start with Traditional Turkish Breakfast. Admire the sumptuous Turkish breakfast and the famous Turkish hospitality in a local house. Start your day with a rich breakfast menu. You will have a unique breakfast experience with the laughter yoga session with the owner Selda. An animal lover, Selda lives with Golden Retriever Chakil, Straycat Bob, Terrier Tassel and Chinchilla Kokesh. The whole family will be happy to welcome you to the cozy lofts.

This starts with a laugh and fun with a lovely company of our host Selda and you can go on a magnificent Best of Istanbul Combo Tour. You should enjoy the must-see places in Istanbul. So start your museum tour with Hagia Sophia. Step into Hagia Sophia, one of the largest places of worship in the world, to be ordered by Emperor Justinian in 532. Its architecture and grandeur will make you dizzy. When visiting with your guide, you will see the longest dome of the largest Christian church on the planet and learn its history. After exiting Hagia Sophia, you should go to Basilica Cistern. Visit the Basilica Cistern, a cathedral-sized water reservoir that ordered it to be rebuilt in 532 by Emperor Justinian to provide water to the Great Palace. Guided tours of the museum finally, Turkey and the Balkan Peninsula to visit the most important historic Topkapi Palace. Topkapi Palace was built between 1466 and 1478 and served as the residence and administration center of the Ottoman Sultans for more than 400 years. Attend the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony in Hocapasha for one of your evenings in Istanbul. Follow the mysterious traditions of the Mevlevi sect, regarded as a UNESCO Human Heritage. And finally, your visit to Istanbul, experience a Bosphorus dinner cruise accompanied by Traditional Turkish Shows. Experience the beginning of the night in the blue waters of the Bosphorus.

Your hotel will return to Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia as much fun as you might have imagined.




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