Çınar Hotel
5 Stars


Founded in 1958, Cinar Hotel is located in Yesilkoy district of Istanbul. With a capacity of 225 rooms, Cinar Hotel offers a 5-star service. Since its establishment, it has preserved its traditional motifs and combined them with the needs of the modern era. 
Cinar Hotel is located in a quiet area, as well as in a neighborhood with many cafes with sea views along the coast. Located 20 minutes from the city center, Cinar Hotel is very close to the CNR Exhibition Center, providing an advantageous accommodation for its guests.
The rooms and suites of Cinar Hotel have a simple and elegant design. The hotel offers multiple types of rooms and non-smoking floors for non-smokers. La Delicatesse Restaurant serves international cuisine as well as Turkish cuisine and offers morning, lunch and dinner on the terrace with its large capacity. Lobby Lounge offers guests a pleasant and pleasant stay with views of the fireplace armchairs. While sipping your tea on the Cafe Terrace, you can get a fascinating view of the Marmara Sea. View Bar welcomes its guests as it is renovated.
You can start your day with a walk in the Galata Tour, explore the area and listen to mysterious stories. Afterwards, you can go up to Galata Tower with its historical stairs and small windows, and you can get the chance to see all of Istanbul. The Galata Tower is a must-see travel destination. Later in the day you can stroll along Istiklal Street in Taksim Tourand take photos while crossing the historic tram. You can shop at hundreds of stores in the team square or stop in for dessert in the charming cafes. You will also get the chance to see many historical buildings and churches in Taksim. After a tour in Istanbul, you can choose Cinar Hotel as a comfortable resting point. At the end of this pleasant day you can sip your tea with your friends by going to the Cinar Hotel.
While staying in the peaceful atmosphere of Cinar Hotel, discover delicious tastes in its restaurants and swim in the pools filled with sea water, will add pleasant days to your Istanbul tour




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