What Are The Most Profitable Investments in Turkey?


In the last ten years, Turkey has emerged as one of the world’s most important investment destinations, owing to its geographical location and abundance of natural resources, as well as the advantage of being a country that combines the East and the West, which gives it an advantage over many other countries in terms of trade and investment. Turkey is now a significant participant in the global economy and an active member of the G20, owing to its growing economy and the good trade balance it has achieved with many powerful economies. 

And, of course, when we talk about Turkey, we cannot ignore Istanbul as a major player in the Turkish economy. Istanbul is that city that has a lot to offer to Turkish and foreign investment hunters alike, as it has great historical importance with its historical legacy as well as commercial importance. With its strategic position, seaports, and vital airports on a local and worldwide scale. 

Investing in Istanbul has recently been a popular choice for many international investors, as it provides a diverse range of investment opportunities with excellent to high profit margins and extremely high safety margins. In this subject, we will provide you a simple overview of the most significant investment sectors in Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, as well as the most lucrative industries to invest in. Of course, before making any investment decisions, we always encourage international investors to do their own research, seek the help of qualified investment professionals, and seek their opinion. 

Tourism Sector In Istanbul, Turkey

Due to its historical and cultural legacy, Istanbul is one of the most significant tourist destinations in the world, with the presence of many of the most important structures of religious significance for various faiths, probably the most notable of which are the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. Furthermore, this city has a variety of tourism and leisure activities, attracting millions of visitors each year to spend the most beautiful vacations in it. For all of these reasons, investing in the tourist industry has become one of the most significant investments for foreigners seeking large returns and reasonably safe investments. You may engage in this area via a variety of commercial operations such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs, among others. 

Real Estate Market In Istanbul

The real estate investment industry in Turkey is one of the most significant and probably the most well-known investment industries. This industry became well-known among international investors, who were interested in investing in several of Turkey’s main tourist destinations, including Izmir, Bursa, Bodrum, and Istanbul. This industry is very important because it provides a lucrative return to investors in the form of rental returns or a rise in yearly property value, which ensures capital protection and guaranteed profits after a set number of years. The Turkish government promotes investment in this sector by giving Turkish citizenship to real estate developers who meet certain criteria, including an investment of at least $250,000 USD. 

Health Sector In Istanbul, Turkey

The enormous growth in the area of health care in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, has attracted many international investors to participate in the sector of health care in Turkey. Every year, about a million medical tourists visit Istanbul in order to receive a variety of cosmetic treatments, the most well-known of which is hair transplantation. Foreign investors that want to invest in Istanbul, in particular, are interested in the health industry since it provides access to high-quality services at reasonable rates. Furthermore, the medical tourism industry has become one of the most significant sources of revenue in Turkey, and the Turkish government has paid particular attention to this area, establishing a complete medical area in Istanbul and allowing both international and Turkish companies to participate in it.