Suada Istanbul


Suada Istanbul is a place where to chill and relax, and have a great experience with your friends, it is an escape from the heat of the summer and a shelter for fun in winter.



What and where is Suada Istanbul?

Suada Istanbul is located in one of Istanbul’s most fancy and modern areas, in Beşiktaş, and exactly between the two continents. It is a place that maintains its level of quality as the most favorite venue with its high quality service, amazing menu, and panoramic view and entertainment. The view the place provides is astonishing as it views Istanbul at a 360 degree panoramic view over The Bosphorous. İt is designed as an outdorr venue by presenting sun and beach concept.



Design at Suada Istanbul

The design at Suada Istanbul is next level, the minimal design highlightens black and white colors with the spirit of the summer and open-air. The place consists of both Restaurant and Lounge sections and welcomes people with amazing attractions.




The Luxurious Experience at Suada Istanbul


The place is a trip by its own, just by knowing you are lounging on an island between two continents is glamourious enough, the place is beautiful, well maintained and has a delicious menus, and don’t forget the view over the Bridge of Bosphorous. You can spend the day and swim or have a dinner with your friends and loved ones as well as the ferry over there is free and it stops right at the bus route, it is easy to go there and have the most fun you will ever get.

You have not just one restaurant to choose but many depending on your own desire and choice, the island location of the four restaurants that is, and fascinating decor, with indoor and outdoor seating, are really exceptional, it is very clear to see why major and minor celebrities choose this place as a gateway for relaxing and entertainment which makes the food and menu match the details.

The service is discreet and efficient, a pleasant opportunitiy to see the Bosphorous from a different perspective and enjoy some of the best dining there is in Istanbul.

Food at Suada Istanbul


Suada Istanbul offers a very wide and delicious menu as it is following the new trends all around the world. the menu and food are prepared  by Mike Norman who is a partner of the venue and also a famous chief.

The guests of Suada Istanbul will find the opportunity to try the new tastes of Suada Istanbul. The Bitter Chocolate Chili Steak Fillet is prepared by chocolate sauce presented as a main course that you should try withing their amazing menu. Drunk Octopus is another meal you should try, which will surely amaze you, cooked with the best of the Turkish wines. The Sea Food Anthology they offer will surprise with its Turkish idiomatic title and rich content. You can not imagine the splendid feast prepared with the most fresh sea food on ice. Shrimp, Jumpo Shrimp, fumed sword fish and salmon, all together form an amazing taste you will never forget.

We should also say more and more about the coctails that you may find interesting in Suada Istanbul. You should absolutely try the refreshing and revitalizing coctails in the venue. With its delicious menu, design, and the breathtaking view that the venue offers to you are definitely an experience to try.



In Beşiktaş, skyscrapers compete with palaces for space in an upscale place with hilly green parkland filling in the margins, step into this wealthy neighborhood and discover a rich mix of opportunities to dine, entertainment and shop. For people in search of urban buzz, not to mention how important Istanbul’s waterways are to its rich history, there’s the frenetic Beşiktaş ferry terminal to explore as well. For a timeout of metropolitan proportions, head to the bucolic Yildiz Park or to Ortaköy, attractions such as the wonderful Dolmabahçe palace are indeed an attractions to many.

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