Galata Tower in Istanbul

The Galata tower stands tall in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, this tower holds a very special place for the city. It also has amazing background history that we will discover here, we will also mention what you can do inside and outside the tower. The tower had many ups and downs but it still stands tall as an important monument of Istanbul.


History of the Tower

The tower has a Romanesque style of architecture and it was named as the Tower of Christ. Back during the Constantinople era, the tower was considered the tallest building in the city. During that time the tower was located on a different site but was destroyed by the crusaders during the Fourth Crusade, when the Ottomans took over the city in a historic conquest, they modified it and used for spotting fires in the city.

A man called Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi made an artificial wings to glide over the Bosphorus, and he successfully did so and landed on the other side of the Bosphorus Strait in Uskudar’s shore.

The first ever panoramic paint was drawn on top of the tower by a French painter called Pierre Prevost and named it Panorama De Constantinople.

The tower had many desperate times like the one in 1875 when during a storm the roof of the tower was completely destroyed, and in fact, it remained roofless during the Ottoman Era. Between 1965 and 1967, the roof was re built and it was replace by a concrete structure rather than the one it had which was made of wood.

Activities to do Inside and Around the Tower

The activities that this tower offers are many, one of them being able to go up to the top of the tower and check the amazing panoramic view over the city is wonderful, in addition, there is a restaurant and a café on top of it so you can enjoy the view even more with a drink or a dish to accompany you. The restaurant on top hosts a Turkish show as well, you can go up there by elevators.

The tower is located in Beyoglu district of the city which pretty crowded and famous at the same time, the tourists come to this particular district to enjoy their time as it is the best place to be around the year. In the district, there is the Taksim Square which is famous for its small bazaar and a meeting point for tourists. In the bazaar, you may buy handmade antique made by local merchants that come from many cities of Turkey. After the square there is the famous Istiklal Street, the street is always crowded due to many reasons, like being a destination for fashion lovers which this street offers, it has many shops all the way long until you reach the end which is the Galata Tower. In addition, you will notice street artists that create a wonderful atmosphere for the people, and many food and café shops if you ever feel hungry or in need of a drink.

When you are walking in the Istiklal street, if you were lucky, during important match days, the local fans of football teams of Istanbul always gather there and chant their team’s songs with fireworks, which they add an amazing and enjoyable atmosphere for many people.

Around the Tower of Galata, there are bars, night clubs, and many restaurants, that have a pretty good view over the tower, during the night the area is quiet and can be relaxing if you ever wanted to enter a bar and have a nice relaxing time with a drink in your hand.


Istanbul has many monuments and relics that are left by the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires but The Tower of Galata is a special monument of Istanbul, the locals and tourists both enjoy being around it since it adds a wonderful atmosphere. During the night the tower is usually lid with beautiful relaxing lights. You will have an outstanding time if you climbed and enjoyed the experience that this wonderful tower has to offer.

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