8 Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul


Since there are 8 million romantic things to do in Istanbul, we chose the best ones for you to spend less time on to-do list and spend more time with your beloved one…


1. Drive your love up the hill and watch the two continents make love.


Take your lover to a hill of Istanbul, look at the ever-living city and stop the time by giving her/him a kiss…

A suggestionÇamlıca Hill İstanbul

2. Close your eyes, hold hands and lie calmly until you are purified from all, in a sensual Turkish Bath.


Time to clean up and Turkish baths are the best way to do it! Enjoy a head to toe purification and a massage from heaven…

Required Skill: Being capable of holding hands while you are in separate male/female sections.

3. Take your lover a few centuries earlier, when love was much more precious

Nowadays it is really hard to find someone special because of the isolating technology. Drop your phone, look into the eyes of your significant other and ask her/him to go on a trip to Istanbul with you. There you can take your lover to an era when empires were built and destroyed for the sake of love. An era that now lives in the nostalgic Ottoman photo studio…

Required Skill: Avoiding the drama that naturally comes with being a sultan. No decapitation…

4. Have a candlelight dinner in the two ancient lovers of Istanbul, Galata Tower & Maiden’s Tower, and carry their messages to each other

You might not be familiar with the love story between the Galata Tower and the Maiden’s Tower but Istanbulites surely know it. You can help those desperate lovers by carrying their secret messages that they place on you while you are having amazing dinners in their restaurants. Time to spread the love 🙂

5. Go on a romantic fayton ride on Prince’s Islands


Fayton is a horse-drawn carriage and it is extremely nostalgic and romantic! Especially when you are surrounded by cute fish&rakı taverns and evergreen flora. Include them the cleanest air and the fact that you are sharing the atmosphere with your beloved one, things cannot be any better…

6. Grab a glass of champagne and toast to life on a bench by Bosphorus


Not as beautiful as your special one, but Bosphorus is a beauty that definitely deserves credit. That is why seaside benches are always a popular choice of Istanbulite couples if they’d like some romance to be included. Let the waves carry your worries away and just hold the hand of your beloved one…

Bebek – İstanbul

7. Couldn’t get enough romance of Bosphorus? Dine on it!

Bosphorus is even more beautiful under the moonlight. It would be unforgettable having dinner on it and luckily you can do it with a  beautiful dinner cruise on Bosphorus. Istanbul, moonlight, shows and a delicious dinner. Just perfect…

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