5 Magical Places Which are Near to İstanbul, Even Nearer by Car


Istanbul is a beautiful city that words fail to explain. Such that not only the city center, locations near İstanbul enrich it. It is possible to drive those locations for weekends or one-day trips to have a peaceful, entertaining time.

Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest proves that İstanbul still preserves its natural beauties and welcomes guests especially on weekends. Forest is important trekking and running track for ones who love natural sports; and also an important entertaining and relaxing environment for ones who want to spend good time with their family. You can easily drive to the forest from Enterprise offices, you can also stop by the arboretum next to it.


Kıyıköy is a small Karadeniz village in Kırklareli Vize. It is so close to İstanbul, but from the first moment, it feels like another world. An antique door from Byzantium period meets you as an entrance to the village and shows an amazing nature, preserved architecture, historical buildings and fine cuisine. It is so easy to arrive Kıyıköy from İstanbul with the car you rented from Enterprise.


Maşukiye is a piedmont village in Kartepe which was a famous location for lovers back then, that is how it got its name. It being so close to İstanbul is a reason to be grateful, because lakeside tours, ATV safari, an amazing bungalow weekend and legendary breakfasts are calling you! Let’s rent a car from Enterprise and answer that call.


When you take the car from İstanbul, in a couple hours you will have a time travel when you arrive at Taraklı which is famous for its three-story traditional Ottoman houses. You can also live another season in Karagöl Yaylası which is 1300 m heights, so don’t forget to rent an off-road vehicle from Enterprise. You won’t find this view elsewhere.


If you say it is so peaceful and quiet near İstanbul and look for some excitement; we would recommend paragliding in Uçmakdere. This place deserves its old name “Avdimo” as “Nice place”. You can arrive by driving 170 km from İstanbul on a famous road with its view. You can see the Marmara Sea and islands during your trip and arrive to Uçmakdere, which is also preferred by motocross fans lately.

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