You need to use a public transportation card when traveling in Istanbul, except for taxis, and it is pretty easy to get it. You can use Istanbulkart, which is used in local transportation services, especially on metro buses, and you can provide cheap and safe transportation. Discovering Istanbul will be quite peaceful and fast for you with advanced metro, bus, Metrobus, tram, ferry, and taxi options.


As it might be harder for one to find a public transportation vehicle that functions 24 hours a day, taxis are always a good option. It is pretty easy to find or come by taxi around Istanbul, and the way they function is much or less the same as every other country. You pay in accordance with the distance you have gone. 

One of the most popular options for transportation in Istanbul is taxis, and everyone, both local and foreign, can access the use of a taxi very easily. You can use many online applications to find a taxi in Istanbul and find the nearest taxi stations. After you get in a taxi, you just call where you want to go, and your journey will begin.

As of 2023, the current burgundy or yellow taxi opening fee in Istanbul is 12,65 TL, and 8,51 TL is charged per kilometer. For black or turquoise-colored ones, the opening is 21,51 TL, and 14,47 TL is charged per km. Mind that an extra fee will be added to the final price if you choose to use the bridge and change continents with a taxi. Since Istanbul is a constantly developing, bustling, and crowded city, it may seem especially difficult for locals to find a taxi service. But Municipal services soon found a solution to this problem, and taxis were increased. 

Here are some other public transportations you might want to know:

Sea Taxis

One of the most affordable and fast local transportation services that you can use for transportation in Istanbul is sea taxis. Although the land-based line taxi comes to mind in the first place when it is called a taxi, Istanbul has added sea taxis to its transportation network as a constantly developing city. This opportunity offered to you to discover Istanbul and soak up the sea air is a new service, but it is very professional. 

Istanbul City Lines company has started with the production of 50 sea taxis. The Sea Taxi fare tariff was set at 210,00 Turkish Liras as the opening fee per mile, and after trips reached 8 miles, it was set at 100,00 TL per mile. Sea taxis will depart from the piers, have a total capacity of 10 people, and be available 24/7 via the online application.


Buses are one of the most popular options for local transportation services in Istanbul. They are used regardless of local people or tourists. Students over a certain age can take advantage of the discount when using such transport options. Looking at the year 2020, there are about a thousand buses in Istanbul, and bus lines are located in the center of each district. It will be quite easy for you to find out where the bus lines start, travel times, transportation conditions, and prices by entering the website of IETT, which manages bus lines in Istanbul. 


Metrobus is one of the local transportation options in Istanbul, which is another very popular one. As you can understand from our article, local transport services in Istanbul are very diverse. They offer you a peaceful way to discover Istanbul. There are 47 bus stops and 8 Bus lines owned by the Metrobus company in Istanbul. Transportation between the two decks (Europe and Anatolia), which is scary for locals in Istanbul, is also possible with the Metrobus transportation option. Thus, you can travel back and forth between the European and Anatolian sides of the city, discover Istanbul and adapt to life quickly. 

Metrobus stops start their services from Beylikdüzü Sondurak (TÜYAP) stop and end at Söğütlüçeşme (Kadıköy) stop. From the Metrobus application, you can track travel times, and find out which local transportation services are serving at your current location. 

Istanbul Metro

The Istanbul metro is an easy and fast option for exploring Istanbul for tourists who want to use local transport services. There are 137 Metro stops and 11 Metro lines in Istanbul city which you can reach easily. Metro lines continue their services from Sariyer Haciosman stop to Pendik Tavşantepe stop in the South. Suppose you want to use the Istanbul Metro for transportation in Istanbul. In that case, you should get an Istanbulkart, and you can discover Istanbul for reasonable fees. Transportation fees are 4,83 Turkish liras for students, and full ticket fees are set at 9,90 Turkish liras. In addition, you can take advantage of electronic ticket facilities by accessing the Istanbul Metrobus website and finding out the departure times by choosing your destination.

Frequently Asked Question

Are there taxis in Istanbul?
Yes, there are many taxis in Istanbul. Everyone uses taxis everyday in Istanbul.
How much does a taxi cost in Istanbul?
Taxis in Istanbul cost less than other European countries since the city itself is cheaper than other cities of the world.
Where can I find a taxi in Istanbul?
Taxis can be found everywhere around the city, but you can spot some taxi cab sheds in the streets too.
Can taxis switch sides in Istanbul?
Yes, you can go from the European side to Asian side or vice versa with taxis.
Do taxis accept credit cards in Istanbul?
This can change from taxi to taxi. Some drivers accept credit cards while others only accept cash.