With the pandemic, which forces changes in daily life, and the plans of tourists who want to visit the city, you may need to reconsider your travel plans. Before making your travel plan, you may want to have general information about Istanbul, so you can create your plan within the framework of corona measures and know more about medical safety. In this way, you can have a more productive and enjoyable travel experience, and at the same time, you will not have to compromise your health.

Covid-19 Virus and Its Impact on Turkey

The pandemic, which managed to take the whole world under its influence, hit Istanbul the hardest in Turkey. Strict measures continue to be implemented in the city. For this reason, tourists entering the country are expected to comply with the security measures in the city. While thousands of deaths have occurred in the last two years, hundreds of thousands of citizens have been infected with the Covid-19 virus. We should note that numerous restrictions were put in order to establish decisive medical safety.

Citizens living in Istanbul continue to participate in vaccination applications throughout the country, where vaccine applications continue at full throttle. Today, the vaccine application, which has been increased up to the third dose, has been made compulsory to ensure the life safety of the citizens within the medical safety measures. Tourists must either be vaccinated or have had a PCR test in the last few weeks upon entering the country. Suppose you are a tourist considering visiting Istanbul. In that case, it is recommended that you strictly follow the coronavirus measures implemented throughout the country to have a safe and trouble-free trip.

Medical Safety and Covid-19 Precautions

Medical safety measures, which dominate a large part of the city, are among the critical elements that concern both Turkish citizens and tourists coming to the country. By following the rules set throughout the country, you can have an efficient and safe journey and not endanger the health of yourself and your loved ones. Especially if you are a tourist from abroad, it is obligatory to have a PCR test regarding medical safety measures. 

This test, which you must have a maximum of one week before you come to the country, measures whether you are the necessary virus carrier and determines your risk status. Another feature you should know about Istanbul is that your risk status will be checked in almost every location of the city. These controls, which are carried out in order to manage the pandemic process in a more controlled way and to ensure the health of all citizens, are still being implemented all over the city.

The most important of the pandemic measures taken in the city for medical safety is the use of face masks. The masks, social distance, and hygiene rules applied throughout the country are also valid for everyone in Istanbul. It is very important to wear masks in closed areas, especially in shopping malls and shops, and those who do not wear them are fined even if they are tourists. For this reason, you should know that you must wear a mask when you come to Istanbul on a trip. 

Secondly, you must act in accordance with the distance rules, you must walk around the shop and inside the store, keeping a distance between you and people, at least one and a half meters. After all, a certain number of people are usually admitted to stores and shops, and more than half of the capacity is never allowed to be filled. In this way, the spread of the coronavirus in the closed area is largely prevented

Within the framework of medical safety rules, hand disinfectant is left in certain parts of the city. In this way, any citizen passing by can easily disinfect their hands. This practice, which was started to spread the hygiene element in society and facilitate hygiene, was adopted by Turkish citizens in a short time. The issue of hygiene, which local and foreign tourists often pay attention to, is one of the most effective moves that can be made to ensure our health. 

How can I be treated if I catch the virus in Istanbul?

To come to Istanbul and have a safe trip, it is enough that your PCR test is negative, and you are not in contact with any coronavirus patients. If you have contracted the virus after coming to Istanbul, you can be treated with the only treatment provided by Turkey. 

Treatment options in Turkey are limitless for people that choose to have a trip to Istanbul. With the free health service in the country, tourists can also benefit from emergency services. You will experience the corona detection process that Turkey applies to its citizens and stay in quarantine for two weeks. Then you can safely continue your trip according to your test results. If you want to spend covid safe travel, you can examine what is happening in the country regarding the virus and create your travel plan in advance

Frequently Asked Question

Is covid-19 continuing in Istanbul?
No, starting as the WHO declared the end of the Pandemic, and even before, Istanbul has been a safe city to travel.
Are covid-19 measures serious in Istanbul?
No, the government took measures seriously to ensure public safety while the Pandemic was rising. But as of 2023, there are no special Covid related measures.
Is Istanbul covid-safe?
Yes. If you stay on alert and keep up with social distancing, visiting Istanbul is largely safe.
Are masks mandatory in Istanbul?
The mandatory mask regulations were removed.
Do I have to be quarantined if I visit Istanbul?
No, you do not have to be quarantined when you land in Istanbul.