Introducing the Unlimited Istanbul Public Transportation Card! This convenient prepaid card provides you with boundless access to the city's public transportation system for the duration of your choice. Embracing all modes of travel, from metro and trams to buses, metrobuses, and ferries, it offers a seamless journey across Istanbul's vibrant landscape. Delivered right to your hotel by a designated carrier, this exquisitely designed physical card becomes not only a practical companion but also a cherished memento after your travel experience.

Unlimited Public Transportation all around Istanbul! 

Istanbul City Card is a prepaid public transportation card that gives you unlimited access to public transportation for the number of days you choose. It is valid in every public transportation vehicle including metro, trams, buses, metrobuses, and ferries.  It is a beautifully designed physical card delivered to your hotel by a carrier and after using it, you can keep it as a souvenir. 


Card Type

Istanbul Tourist Pass® 

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€ 30

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€ 105

€ 110

About Istanbul City Card 

  • Easy to use and valid in all public transportation vehicles

  • Only available for the tourists

  • Pre-paid - no need to top on

  • Unlimited access to public transportation for the number of days you chose

  • Anonymous - you don’t need to personalize

  • Easily buy online- plan your delivery

  • Delivered to your hotel - no long lines

  • Save up to 40% - Buy together with  Istanbul Tourist Pass®


  • Courier delivery to your hotel

  • Unlimited access to public transportation

  • Specially designed physical card to keep as a souvenir

  • Up to 40% Advantage when bought together with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

About Public Transportation City Card

Discover the convenience of the Public Transportation City Card specially tailored for the needs of tourists visiting Istanbul! With its wide-ranging validity covering metro, trams, buses, metrobuses, and ferries, this card ensures a seamless travel experience across the city's extensive transportation network. While minibus travel requires cash, rest assured that these are rarely needed as the comprehensive public transport options efficiently serve all major destinations.

As a tourist in Istanbul, the City Card is the perfect companion for your explorations. Offering affordability and efficiency, it enables you to effortlessly reach all the captivating attractions and landmarks that Istanbul boasts. Whether you're planning to visit the iconic Maiden Tower, ascend the Galata Tower for breathtaking views, or simply savor the culture over a cup of delightful Turkish tea, this card has got you covered.

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Presented in six delightful designs, each card features a unique symbol of Istanbul's charm. From the endearing depiction of the city's famous cats to the iconic landmarks such as the Maiden Tower and Galata Tower, and even the beloved red tram of Istiklal Street, each design encapsulates a piece of Istanbul's vibrant character. When you receive your City Card, you'll be delighted to find one of these enchanting designs, adding a touch of joy to your travel experience. Collecting them all becomes a delightful reason to return and relish the city's wonders once more.

Obtaining the Istanbul City Card is incredibly convenient. When you purchase it through, your elegantly designed physical card will be promptly delivered to your hotel by the esteemed service. And the best part is, once you've utilized the card during your stay, it transforms into a cherished keepsake, reminding you of the incredible days spent in this mesmerizing city.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to experience unlimited access to Istanbul's efficient public transportation system. Purchase your Istanbul City Card now from and enjoy the added benefit of a discounted price, making your trip even more budget-friendly and memorable. Embrace the journey and create lasting memories as you explore the rich tapestry of Istanbul with ease and comfort!

Frequently Asked Question

How can I use the Istanbul City Card?
You can use your card by placing your card on the Istanbulkart card readers found on public transportation vehicles (Bus, Subway, Tram, Metrobus, Ferry, etc.) You can't use the card more than once, each person has to have a different card.
Where can I use my Istanbul City Card?
Istanbul City Card can be used in Istanbul’s all public transportation vehicles.
Where can I provide my Istanbul City Card?
Your Istanbul City Card will be delivered to your hotel upon your arrival.
How much does Istanbul Transportation Card cost?
The Istanbul City Card fee is changing according to the number of days you chose. You can check the prices on
How much does one ride cost?
Your Istanbul City Card is unlimited so you don't need to think about extra costs.
Can I add more balance to my Istanbul City Card?
The Istanbul City Card is unlimited so within the days you chose, you don't need to add more balance to your card.
Can I share my Istanbul City Card with someone?
No, since it is an unlimited card, it is only for the use of one person.
Do I have to buy a seperate card for my children?
Yes and no. Children under the age of 6 do not need to have a separate card.