Pera Palace Hotel
5 Stars


Pera Palace Hotel has been serving in Beyoğlu in the center of Istanbul with its 126-year history. It has an advantageous location within walking distance of Istiklal Street and Taksim Square.

Pera Palace Hotel has views that vary according to the room you choose. If you want, you can stay with views of Golden HornGalata or Eyüp. Pera Palace Hotel is home to many memories. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, İsmet İnönü, Agatha Christie, the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph and many more people who have written their names in the history of each room in the hotel where centuries-old history lives. Pera Palace Hotel Ataturk Museum Room is kept open as room number 101 is possible to see the belongings of Ataturk. Rooms have been designed and put into service by combining modern and classic. Pera Palace Hotel has adopted the concept of luxury and comfortable accommodation with a fully equipped gym, spa and Turkish bath, indoor pool. When you stay at Pera Palace Hotel, you can dine in Agatha Restaurant by choosing from a rich menu. Or you can choose the Kubbeli SalonPatisserie de Pera offers a light dessert and drinks at the Orient Bar. Pera Palace Hotel is at your side both in your special days and in business life with meeting rooms and ballrooms.

If you want to experience the advantages of accommodation in Taksim, you should first visit Taksim. You can start your day with Istiklal Street Tour and shop from many shops. You can see the historic tram passing through the street and explore the crowded Street. There are many historical buildings and churches on Istiklal Street. With this tour you will have the chance to explore these structures. Later in the day, you can explore the Galata region with a tour of Galata. Take a closer look at the Galata Tower and experience a history-filled trip through the narrow streets of Galata. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the charming Galata cafes while enjoying the view. If you wish, you can go on the Bosphorus Tour and have dinner with the view of the Bosphorus, or you can go to Karaköy and walk by the sea.

After a full day in Taksim, you can relax by visiting the Pera Palace Hotel which is nearby. If you wish, you can unwind with a spa massage or relax in the Turkish bath.




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